Wave Arts – Master Restoration Suite 5.85 VST, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | July 7, 2016


Master Restoration Suite is a comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings. The tools give extremely high quality results with minimal tweaking, hence they sound great and are easy to use. Provides all the tools necessary to effectively restore noisy recordings. Whether archiving old vinyl and cassette recordings, or eliminating noise from tracks in a recording project, Master Restoration’s hum, buzz, noise, crackle, click and pop filtering are sure to suite all your needs.

– Hum removal using harmonic notch filters
– Buzz removal
– Hum and Buzz frequencies continuously adjustable from 20 to 200 Hz
– Brickwall filtering for rumble and hiss removal
– High resolution spectrum analysis display
– Click/pop filter
– Crackle filter
– Noise reduction processor with low latency and fast learning time
– Noise gate
– Monitor feature to hear removed signal
– Dynamic graphical displays for each processor
– Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
– Mono or stereo

The MR Suite consists of 5 plug-ins:

  • MR Noise – Stellar sounding broadband noise reduction
  • MR Click – Click and crackle filter for vinyl or digital sources
  • MR Hum – Precise hum and buzz removal
  • MR Gate – Expander/gate for quick and simple background attenuation
  • Master Restoration – The ultimate all-in-one cleanup tool

Change Log:
AAX format fixes:
– Master Restoration Suite: individual MRS plugs showing incorrect parameter values is fixed.
– All plugs: fixed touch automation, parameters used to oscillate during touch automation.
– MultiDynamics AAX DSP: fixed issue where certain bands would not show any signal level after preset load, requiring close/open.
– Panorama: fixed disappearing control at elevations below zero.

All formats fixes:
– Panorama: fixed CIPIC HRTFs missing from individual installer payload, Mac only.
– Fixed version numbers that appear in Get Info popups for all Mac plugs.



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