Bitsonic – -Violent MidSide Stereo Image Modifier, Violent Maximizer, Custom Reverb 1.0 VST x86

By | July 7, 2016
Bitsonic – Violent MidSide Stereo Image Modifier v1.0 – Using MidSide Stereo Image Modifier, you can freely change the sense of space in 4 different frequency bands. Mid / Side mode optimizes the audio signal. The pan is used for positioning the channel between the left and right side of the spectrum stereo. You can change the completeness or stereo with delay function. Reverb function allows different reverbs to 4 frequency bands.

Bitsonic – Violent Maximizer v1.0 – increases the sound volume, without overloading it. You can use it both in the mastering and on separate tracks.

Bitsonic – Custom Reverb v1.0 – reverb has been created so that the processed signal has been as close to real conditions as possible, and users can customize its various parameters.
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