Truefire – Robben Ford’s Rhythm Revolution [Guitar Tutorial, ENG]

By | May 30, 2016



Over the course of his 40-year recording and performing career, Robben Ford’s rhythm guitar work has excited the ears of his audience, fired up his musical collaborations with dozens of top artists and simply amazed his fellow guitar players.

“Playing rhythm guitar is the greatest joy in my musical life,” says Robben, “I love the subject of rhythm guitar, I love talking about it and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to finally present my rhythm guitar approaches in this Rhythm Revolution video course.”
Robben organized the Rhythm Revolution curriculum in two sections. In the first section, Robben presents brief top-line overviews of the rhythm guitar concepts and techniques that underpin his signature approach and style.

Robben summarizes concepts like single-note rhythms and fills, use of space and air, playing with a second guitar player, the importance of consistency, the art of simplicity, sonic qualities, essential right-hand techniques, chord vocabulary, harmonic approaches, dynamics and best ways to practice rhythm guitar. All of these topics are covered and demonstrated in much greater depth and detail in his Blues Revolution masterclass course.

In the second section, Robben demonstrates all of his signature concepts and techniques across a series of 12 rhythm guitar studies. You’ll first learn the rhythm guitar parts as Robben performs them by studying his video performances, breakdowns, charts and tabs. You’ll then practice the parts by playing along with Robben until you’re ready to perform them yourself over the supplied rhythm tracks.

The twelve rhythm studies cover a wide variety of feels and grooves. You’ll work on an 8-bar blues with a bridge using a Freddie Green approach, an E minor rhythm groove from Tell Me I’m Your Man, a C minor blues, an 8-bar uptempo shuffle blues with a bridge in the key of A, a 12-bar D minor blues with a twist, a Bb funky blues focused on the use of sixths, a two-part vamp-like groove, a Hendrix-inspired rhythm part, an open jam in the key of F, a James Brown-ish funky blues groove, a chord progression from When I Leave Here and a John Lee Hooker-inspired Delta blues approach.

Robben demonstrates all of the parts over rhythm tracks that he recorded in the studio with a live rhythm section (band members Brian Allen on bass and Wes Little on drums!). Everything is tabbed and notated and all of the rhythm tracks are included for the student to work with on their own.

Robben also included three individual course reference eBooks; Master Tab and Notation (a compilation of all course tabs and notation), Rhythm Track Lead Sheets (lead sheets for all 12 of the rhythm tracks) and his own Chord Dictionary (features dozens of Robben’s favorite chord voicings).

Whatever style of music you play, Rhythm Revolution will deliver a treasure trove of rhythm guitar insight, guidance and creative inspiration from one of the most influential guitar players in history. If you’re a blues player and particularly dig Robben’s rhythm guitar playing, then full enlightenment and a life-altering learning experience is just a click away.



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