Sonart Audio – Venice Deluxe Sounds: Jazz Deluxe Collection JAZZ PIANOS (Kontakt, GIGA, WAV, EXS 24, SF2)

By | April 5, 2017


Audio libraries from Sonart Audio will help you create your own music.
High-quality and professional samples. Then without which it is impossible to create electronic music. The more material for work, the more opportunities to create a truly worthwhile piece of music. More than 500 jazz samples, about 270 loops, and 270 single sounds, with which you can create a huge number of mixes

Acoustic Pianos:
01. Honky-Tonk
02. Steinway B
03. Yamaha C7
Electric Pianos:
01. Clavinet
02. Rhodes MKI
03. Vintage Wurlitzer

Installation: copy to the storage location, open in the KONTAKT-factory library tabs or via file as

Developer: sonart audio
Format: nki, giga, wav, exs 24, sf2.
Quality: 24 bits 44100 kHz


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