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Publisher: Native Instruments
Website: native-instruments
Format: KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.8.0+
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz mono


The Spotlight collection is heading to Indonesia to dive into the world of BALINESE GAMELAN. This instrument contains 2GB of blank samples, including six basic Gamelan instruments – each with two tuning options. BALINESE GAMELAN, based on KONTAKT, has many functions for customizing and controlling sounds. The latest update also includes The Jammer, a unique generative arpeggiator for performing and layering authentic patterns.

Gamelan, often translated as “orchestra”, is an ensemble of instruments from Indonesia, usually from Java or Bali. The music itself is often characterized by bright metallic percussion qualities, characteristic and complex tuning, rich layering of instruments and its cyclical form.

The ensembles differ significantly from each other, but consist of a combination of beautifully crafted metallophones, xylophones, drums, gongs, bamboo flutes, strings and even vocals. Instruments are created and tuned for specific ensembles, so the settings can vary significantly depending on the gamelan. The peculiarity of the Balinese version is that each instrument is paired and slightly out of tune with its partner, which gives a natural chorus effect.

The instruments in this release have been sampled in great detail from the Semara Dana Gamelan Symphony Orchestra of London. Their unique voices and textures have been faithfully recreated by painstakingly recording multiple layers of velocity.

This instrument focuses on compact versions of tuned instruments, divided into three categories: large gongs, twin metallophones, and tea gongs.

The gongs — jegog, kalung, and penyaka — are responsible for the basic structure and melody and are part of the out of tune couples. This instrument includes both the top and bottom groups of these detuned pairs, with easy volume and pan controls from the KONTAKT interface.

Gangsa is composed of paired metallophones including ugal, pemade and cantilan. These are sophisticated, elaborate instruments that adorn the melody with fast interlocking patterns. Again, easy access through the KONTAKT interface allows you to adjust the volume and panning of these detuned pairs.

The third element in BALINESE GAMELAN is gongs, including trompong and reyong. These instruments have different functions depending on the type of gamelan in which they are used. Sometimes they are used for melodic or solo passages, sometimes they can be used for very fast and complex parts.

New in version :
Balinese Gamelan now lets you mix gangsa, kettle gongs, gongs, and roots in a single KONTAKT instrument.
It also features an all-new generative arpeggiator, The Jammer, which allows the sequencing of various
parts of the ensemble from a dedicated interface. We’ve also added a full effects page featuring our
modular insert chain and custom Space reverb processor. A dedicated tuning module now allows switching
between original and concert pitch, and a fully adjustable ombak gives you full control over the beat
frequency between detuned pairs of instruments.

NEW 1.5.3 – 2021-06-28 :
CHANGED Spotlight Collection logo and browser image

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