Evolution Series – World Strings: Oud (KONTAKT)

By | May 29, 2024


Publisher: Evolution Series
Website: evolutionseries
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: We are very proud to present our second World Strings instrument – “Oud” – a creative collaboration between Kim Cunio and Evolution Series.
World Strings Oud, created for Kontakt 5, has a simple but intuitive interface. Our advanced scripting techniques help you take full control of Oud’s powerful and sensual sound. Kim’s deep knowledge of world music, his musical technique and unique playing style allowed us to create an exclusive and inspiring virtual gaming experience.
This high quality and beautiful Oud instrument can best be described as having a wonderful warm, full yet accurate tone. Recording his sounds during the scoring stage using high-quality microphones gives the sound palette a stunning three-dimensional audio dimension.

Characteristics :
Recorded Playing Techniques
Sustain (no vibrato)
Sustain (with vibrato)
Body Percussion
Hammer on/pull off
Slow and fast portamento slides

All samples at 48khz 24bit
A Goliath 118 gigabyte virtual instrument reduced to 38 gigabyte’s via Native Instruments Compression
Multiple velocities and round robin
Up to 4 user-controlled microphone positions
Recorded at a world class orchestral scoring stage
The most beautiful and unique sounding instrument
NKS Support
Works with the free Kontakt player 5 and up

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