Initial Audio – Bundle – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi) [Win x86 x64]

By | November 25, 2018

Year / Release Date : 09.2017 – 11.2018
Developer and his website : Initial Audio
Format : VSTi
Digit capacity : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : Yes
System requirements : Windows 7 +

Description – Sources:

Initial Audio – Heat Up 3

Initial Audio proudly introduces Heat Up 3. A major update for our extremely successful virtual instrument Heat Up 2, loved by music producers around the world!
The goal of Heat Up 3 is an even better sound quality and a much greater expression to truly bring out the best of each instrument. Heat Up 3 comes with more than 860 tools, including the new Studio Essentials addon.
Why HEAT UP 3? – Today, music producers have many options when it comes to sound plug-ins. We are sure that you already have a lot of plugins that you like, so why use Heat Up 3? The simple answer is the quality, meaning and huge range of sounds that each producer needs and all in one easy-to-use plug-in. The main advantage of Heat Up 3 is that it uses high-quality multisamples recorded from various sources, we have recorded real instruments such as piano and wind instruments, as well as samples of a variety of analog and digital hardware. Heat Up 3 captures the unique sound of many different types of instruments, and they are all contained in one easy-to-use plug-in.
Over 1300 presets! – This kit comes with ready-to-use presets: bass, 808, bells, brass, choirs, drum whales, keyboards, leads, pads, claps, stubs, string instruments, violins, synthesizers, guitars, vocal inserts and more. Each instrument in Heat Up was recorded in the highest possible quality. Each instrument is multisampled over the entire keyboard range, providing the best sound quality from the lowest to the highest note. Add to this our high-quality effects, crystal clear limiter and expressive capabilities and get the result – one of the best quality virtual instruments on the market today.

Initial Audio – Sektor v1.2.2

Sektor is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with an intuitive user interface and many tuning functions. Sektor was built to use a small amount of system resources while having a massive, high-quality sound.
Extended modulation functions, such as extended modulating envelopes, ADSR and LFO, can be redirected to synthesizer parameters by dragging or using the right-click menu of knobs. The Expression page gives you even greater access to features such as speed, aftertouch, and more.
Configure each parameter with 16 voices per oscillator with OSC +. Create massive unison sounds and change the waveform, phase, pitch, stereo distribution, level and debugging of each individual voice.
Sektors, built into the Heat Up 2 multiisample system, allows you to combine the true sound of a modern breakthrough with the improved Sektors synthesizer engine.
Sektor is also equipped with two spectacular racks, including high-quality effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, phaser, trans-gate, compressor, stereo and 4-band equalizer. The order of the effects can be rearranged by dragging.

Initial Audio – Boom Bap Bang Drum Kit 1.0.0

“A set of shock bumpers shock” includes more than 730 drum beats! This is 500 megabytes of high quality WAV with a single shot. But that’s not all ! We created a unique Vintage Style “Boom Bap Vst Plugin” with all our wav files located in Beast Beast pads, which are perfect for ease of use. The software works as a plug-in for Windows 32Bit and 64Bit VST
Effects on this product include Mobb Deep, Alchemist, Dj Premier, J Dilla, Pete Rock and many others. Filled with some of the most sophisticated HD sounds to help inspire some certified fireworks.
This set of drums will give you more than enough unique drums to create your next band baby boom!

Initial Audio – 808 Studio 1.3

Our synthesizer changes the rules of the game in the design of the classic 808 sound, which sounds in many modern styles of music, such as Trap, Grime, Drum and bass.
Changing the rules : Many manufacturers nowadays use samples to play their 808, we have developed 808 Studio to change all that. Samples are good, of course, but they can never be as good as bass generation in real time. Bass in the 808 Studio are generated from a set of 70 different signals in the morning with high resolution, each of which is designed so that you can get close to the high-quality bass sound you want to receive without much effort. The higher the resolution of the waveform, the more harmonious content it can contain and, therefore, a richer and fuller sound will sound at the lowest frequencies, and this is exactly what you need for bass sounds. Real-time generation has even more advantages – now you can change your 808 sounds in ways that you cannot apply with samples. Change the waveform, apply a filter and change individual sound levels. Use 808 Studio to create your own unique bass sound.
Stay ahead! It has never been easier to create custom 808 sounds! Create your own 808 in seconds using 808 Studio, even if you are not very good at using synthesizers, you will quickly get amazing results. In 808 Studio it’s hard to do something wrong. Do not want to spend your time on sound design and just want to get ready-made bass right away? 808 Studio comes with 200 ready-made 808 sounds and bass presets. These presets allow you to cover almost any bass sound in the genre that you will ever need. Listen to the demo and see for yourself.
– 70 unique high resolution signals.
– 200 ready-made presets.
– Unique Kick section: Create 808 bass drums.
– Sub section: creates that extra bit in the lower frequencies and contains Fat and Drive modes.
– Bypass effects: useful for keeping the main bass frequency intact when using the chorus effect, for example
– Oscillator section: 70 available waveforms for truly unique sound, then you can apply envelopes
– Advanced graphic envelopes: control curves and control their segments either from the display or with the help of knobs. Get real-time visual feedback at the current envelope position.
– Rack effects with amplifier, compressor, equalizer and chorus. The order of their application can be changed. The compressor contains an integrated sidechain.
– Glide: Make your bass glide effortlessly with just one knob.
– Pitch Slide: Pitch up or down and adjust the shape of the slide response.
– Scope: view the final waveform in real time. Also signals red if the output signal is clipped.

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