In Session Audio – Resonator Guitar (WAV, RMX, REX, AIFF, KONTAKT)

By | March 12, 2020


Publisher : In Session Audio

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Quality : 24 bit | 96.0 kHz | stereo

Description :
The Resonator Guitar slide library and fingerstyle cycle is recorded with a brass workable resophonic acoustic guitar (sometimes referred to as “Dobro®”). Using vocally-like slide games and spot stucco, the library covers blues, wading, ragtime, noir, and Ballad music styles.

Content :
We love the sound of the resonator guitar and knew we could fill a much-needed niche for composers and songwriters.
Because the resonator was born out of the 1920s, it is associated with some very specific sounds and styles of playing. This required the library to be recorded just right!
We used a very loud Regal Tricone model guitar in open and standard tunings with a brass slide for the slide tracks.
Recordings were made with a Neumann KM 184 microphone (for the details) and Royer R-122 ribbon microphone (to soften things a bit) into a Benchmark preamp.
The layout is easy to navigate: Guitar “a” plays the chord parts (generally fretted, but sometimes with a slide) while Guitar “b” plays slide and picked melodies and lines. There is ample opportunity to mix and match lines and chordal parts and to come up with your own arrangements.
We also recorded a 125+ part toolbox of commonly used slide “licks” in a variety of keys (G, C, D, E) and tempi (85, 105, 125, 145). ”

Additional Information :
Resonator Guitar is a slide and fingerstyle loop library recorded with a brass-bodied resophonic acoustical guitar (sometimes referred to as a “Dobro®”).
With vocal-like slide playing and slick fretwork the library covers blues, swamp, ragtime, noir, and ballad styles of music.
Whether you’re creating “roots” style music for yourself or are creating soundtrack pieces to accompany scenes of hard times, drinking or card games, Resonator Guitar has what you need in spades.

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