IK Multimedia – Amplitube Metal 1.0.3 AU.VST.RTAS

By | January 6, 2016


AmpliTube Metal. A metal distortion powerhouse software/plug-in. Based on IK’s award-winning AmpliTube 2 software, AmpliTube Metal is the first guitar amp and fx modeling software entirely dedicated to heavy metal gear, with an arsenal of 48 highly acclaimed models of modern and vintage amps, cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects.

AmpliTube Metal offers an ultra-realistic software recreation of 14 stomp boxes, 5 amp models, 13 cabinets, 6 mics, and 9 rack FX for a complete high-gain arsenal of sounds from the late 70’s through today. With extremely rare and collectible models of metal stomp boxes, amp heads and cabinets, from the legendary, hard-to-find Japanese originals to classic British and American essentials, including models based on the ProCo RAT, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Digitech Whammy™, several vintage BOSS effects, Randall Warhead, Peavey 5150, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, and other great emulations based on metal gear.

AmpliTube Metal is based on IKs award-winning DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology. The product of over 10 years of research and development, DSM delivers unmatched realism and tone in recreating classic analog gear like guitar amps and stompboxes.

AmpliTube Metal is perfect for gain-heads of all styles, from early heavy metal and hard rock to today’s nu metal, thrash and speed metal.


  • * 5 separate modules: tuner, configurable Stomp pedal board, Amp head,
  • Cabinet + Mic, and Rack Effects
  • * 14 rare Stomp effects with highly acclaimed distortion models
  • * 5 classic high-gain Amps
  • * 13 cabinet and 6 microphone models
  • * 9 post-amp FX Racks
  • * 2 fully configurable rigs with up to 32 simultaneous effects
  • * Digital tuner
  • * Stand-alone and VST/AU/RTAS plug-in for all popular DAWs
  • * Includes SpeedTrainer™ for playing along with your favorite
  • recordings
  • * Includes AmpliTube X-GEAR for seamless integration with all the other
  • “Powered by AmpliTube” products, MIDI control and StompIO integration
  • * Powered by AmpliTube® with exclusive DSM (Dynamic Saturation
  • Modeling) technology for award-winning sound & realistic feel
  • * Mac OS X (including Leopard) and XP/Vista compatible


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