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Sonic at Work – TrancerOne XT v1.0 (VST) [Win x86]

By | October 20, 2016

The TrancerOne XT is a consistent further development of our popular TrancerOne synthesizer plugin. In the XT version are a whole lot of new and useful features such as a new chorus effect, switchable velocity interruptible oscillators, Pan, several new destinations for the LFO, 64 new waveforms for the SoundFont2 oscillator (now a total of 128 waveforms for… Read More »

Novation – V-Station v1.7 (AU VST) [MAC OSX]

By | October 18, 2016

Plug-in V-Station format Audio Units (Mac) is made on the basis of a series of K-Station tools and uses the same analog synthesis Liquid Analog modeling technology. There are 200 preset and 400 user patches that are compatible with A-Station, and K-Station. Characteristics: – Three oscillator (able to produce almost all the classic waveforms of the sine to… Read More »

XILS-lab – polyKB II 2.1.5 (VSTi, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 11, 2016

polyKB is a recreation of a very rare, very powerful polyphonic synthesizer released in the ’80s by a French company. polyKB is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer based on two waveform morphing, alias-free oscillators and a self-oscillating 4-pole low-pass filter. The oscillators make a large part of the sound of this synthesizer but the filter, recreating a standard analog… Read More »

Indiginus – Solid State Symphony 1.5.1 (KONTAKT)

By | September 2, 2016

  Solid State Symphony is an orchestral simulation that also includes automated features like a Gated Pad, 2 sequencer-controlled pitch-modulated synth elements, our often disturbing Padscapes, and simple bass and percussion elements. The orchestra sounds were modeled using analogue synth waveforms for a rich and warm sound. Requires Kontakt 5 Full Version. A Kontakt 4 version is also… Read More »

Sound DUST – Flutter EP Wavetable Add-on (KONTAKT)

By | September 2, 2016

Flutter EP is an electric piano like you’ve never heard before. She is packed to the brim with specially devised samples made from a variety of slutty analogue hardware synths and keyboards. All sample sets morph and loop through various transitions for a mind boggling selection of unique but Wurly-ish, Rhodes-y, organ-esque, DX like electric piano type sounds….but… Read More »

IK Multimedia – T-RackS CS Complete 4.10 (STANDALONE, VST, RTAS, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | August 28, 2016

T-RackS is a modular mastering/mixing suite of nine analog-modeled and digital dynamics and EQ processors. It provides all the tools you need to create tube-toned or digital-tuned mixes and masters. The 9 Modules: Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter model 670. Vintage Tube Program Equalizer. Opto compressor. Multi-algorithm Brickwall limiter. Linear Phase Equalizer. Classic T-RackS Compressor. Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter. Classic… Read More »

MusicRadar – berlin beat samples (WAV)

By | July 19, 2016

As well as being home to some of the world’s best-known music software companies – Native Instruments, Ableton, and upstart DAW developers Bitwig are all based there – Berlin has a thriving techno scene. We’re celebrating that with this week’s SampleRadar collection – just click the download link below to join the party. What you need to know… Read More »

BeepStreet – Dagger 1.0.0 VSTi x86 x64

By | June 27, 2016

Dagger is a compact and powerful monophonic synthesizer, that incorporates the most advanced and authentic circuit modelling technology. Dagger captures the spirit of analogue synths, but does not try to emulate any of them, its designed from the ground up to bring you its own distinctive, bold character. Due to its simple and intuitive user interface Dagger is… Read More »

LennarDigital – Sylenth1 VSTi x86 x64

By | May 26, 2016

  Sylenth1 is a polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer. It has four unison oscillators which use an “innovate” synthesis technique that allows the generation of many simultaneous high-quality waveforms in realtime, using only minimal amounts of CPU resources. It also features two “analog sounding” filter sections, which can be taken way past the point of self-oscillation. These filters incorporate… Read More »

KV331 – Synthmaster 2 2.6.21 VSTi, RTAS, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | May 14, 2016

  SynthMaster is an ‘all-round’ semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Phase Modulation, Phase Distortion, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis. With its multi-synthesis oscillators, analog modelled/digital filters, flexible effects routing with 11 types of high quality effects… Read More »

UVI – UltraMini 1.5 VSTi x86 x64

By | May 11, 2016

  UltraMini 1.5 is here, bringing with it over 200 new factory patches, a significantly optimized low-CPU mode and computer-based authorization. Two legendary analog synths with the ultimate convenience of digital—now leaner, meaner and easier to use than ever. The Beauty of Firsts There’s something evocative and mysterious about firsts. Normal people will immediately recall their first pet,… Read More »