HipHop Tools – Mad Fx: Underground Experiments (WAV, AIFF)

By | May 25, 2023


Developer: HipHop Tools
Website: _
Format: WAV, AIFF
WAV – 16bits, 44100 kHz
AIFF – 16bits, 44100 kHz

Description: This collection will help you find a creative approach to creating a composition. Only using the samples collected here you can create a new exclusive hip-hop sound.
The collection includes: Drums, Instruments, FX Sounds (Underground)
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Additional Description :
MAD FX, “Underground Experiments” is a concept that lends itself to creativity and experimentation. With the exception of the percussion on the CD it is a complete experimental concept that will break new ground and take your Hip Hop production to another level. It is a perfect solution for distinguishing your signature sound from other urban producers.
MAD FX comes complete with over 700 individual drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to make others take notice of your unique sounds. As is customary with other concepts from HHT you will find a solid foundation of custom drum sounds and acoustic percussion that are unique and exclusive. All the kicks, snares, rims and hi-hats on this concept are hot. From ill organs to rare vinyl wax this CD offers the most in inspiration and flexibility to keep your urban production fresh and hype. Also included in MAD FX are tabla, electric percussion, harpsichord, synths, ethnic strings, beat vox percussion and vocal stabs.
MAD FX gives you so much scope for experimentation that you?re likely to find yourselves conjuring up a masterpiece before you know it. All in all this concept is simply MAD.
HHT Drum Map: Our HHT drum map offers maximum flexibility for AKAI MPC users. All samples are mapped out using this template making kit swapping and beat programming effortless. This makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

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