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By | November 5, 2017


Accelerations are sounds that begin with a low tone and end with a high and add instant excitement in the tracks of any genre. SCULPTOR Epic Risers is a library of stunning build-ups that will add endless variety to your tracks.

Many existing libraries of this kind offer either excellent sounds but which are still limited either inflexible or obsolete or flexible, but with a complex interface with inexplicable raw signals such as white noise and sawtooth waves that require a lot of work, but do not give much in return. And our library is represented by a combination of cool sounds, smart scripts and simple controls …
For whom is this? Composers and sound engineers will like to easily create accretions that range from the most elusive, but significant background effects to powerful and stunning crescendo. In short, it’s a truly emotionally deterrent sound that will control and truly immerse your audience in your movies / TV / games.

SCULPTOR Epic Risers is a very useful tool for provoking anticipation or falling, highlighting empty items, creating transitions, and much more.
Sounds : Louder, higher tones are more emotionally exciting than a low and quiet sound. The transition between low and high leads to self-excitation of sound. A low sound that rises quickly gives you a sense of approaching danger and is suitable for scoring storm scenes, trains or panicky runs. In most cases, the rising sounds instantly cause adrenaline! For composers and producers, it’s important that the buildup grabs, and if they’re loud enough and not too loud in the mix, they add excitement with enough sophistication to add a nice hidden nuance. And, on the contrary, loud ones can create amazing crescendos.

Creating rich upward sounds can be time-consuming and difficult, SCULPTOR Epic Risers does all the hard work, leaving you time to experiment. Each sound has the main elements of growth and the final element of the tail. Each of them consists of two sounds, which allows you to add spectral complexity and variety of sound. Mix and match different sounds, change their level, randomize, change the length of the rise, pitch, use the equalizer, envelope shapes, filters and the effects of the sands (delay and reverb). Presets are organized into eight folders to quickly find the type of sound you need: Clean, Hyped, Dark, Vast, Mod Gate, Mod Crunch, Dead Stops and Velocity Control. There is also a choice of presets, kindly designed by some of our friends-composers.
Interface : Immerse yourself in the universe of audio output capabilities in an easy-to-use interface … Mix and match different sounds in the four windows of the RISE & TAIL menu and control the balance to get a clean, identifiable sound. Use the SHAPE knob to change the attack and the decline from slow to fast depending on your context. Monitor the amount of pitch change when rising with the DEPTH knob. Synchronized with your tempo of the sequencer, the RISE TIME buttons control the time (in beats) from the moment the key is pressed. Press the RANDOM button for the creative. There will be infinite possibilities! Do you want to amplify your sound? The SUPER button creates a width effect, adding depth and power to your buildup. Use it with care!
Master FX page : This page shows the global effects that will affect each sound currently loaded. Includes three effects for insertion (drive, compressor and filter), two effects on the sender (reverb and delay) and a rhythmic gater in which you can control the speed, depth, panning and width of sound.

Packed with high-quality sounds carefully crafted by Hollywood’s leading sound engineer Alessandro Kaminasio, SCULPTOR Epic Risers creates incredible rising sounds with just a few keystrokes. Simple but dynamic functions and controls mean that you can also shape and improve your sound in endless ways.

Kontakt v5.6

Key Features
• Includes 254 nki presets including Guest Presets from specially selected composers
• Thousands of raw sounds from top Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
• Flexible, simple interface offers thousands of sculpting possibilities
• Add drama to cinematic soundtracks and video games
• Create subtle risers that fuel nervous anticipation and unease
• Powerful show stopping crescendos to shock and surprise your audience
• Create engaging transitions and a rush of energy in electronic music productions
• Stuck for inspiration? Hit the RANDOM button for infinite new options
• Add depth and power with the SUPER button – use with care!
Publisher : Gothic Instruments
Website : Timespace
Format : KONTAKT

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