Gothic Instruments – Sculptor Epic Drops (KONTAKT)

By | November 5, 2017


Soundtracks / Trailers : The Epic Drops library will be very effective on the big screen to emphasize certain moments, such as slow motion, epic jumps and other dramatic actions. Such sounds are often placed at the end of a section or even as part of a rhythmic build-up.

Electronic music : in dance music, buildups and drops are important and both must be equally powerful to produce the desired effect on your listeners – an incredible increase in adrenaline, accompanied by a sudden drop in it.

Multimedia sound design : Created not only for music, but it will also work well with moving multimedia pictures and is therefore an important tool for creating effects for movies, video games and other multimedia. From power plants and mechanical operations to lasers and other scientific and technical and industrial applications – all of these can be easily manufactured with an incredibly creative SCULPTOR engine.

Interface / Controllers : SCULPTOR Epic Drops has 2 pages of interface – the main graphic interface and Master FX page … The main page allows you to mix and match two sounds, change their levels, randomize, change the length of rise, pitch, apply an equalizer, filters and delay and reverb effects. Meanwhile, the falling lights in the interface give you a visual guide to what’s happening. You can also adjust the attack.

Sound Menu : Mix and match different sounds in two different slots / windows and control the balance between them for a cleaner, identifiable sound or a more complex, mixed, noisy sound that will look good in the mix. Use the Decay Shape knob to control the shape of the envelope. Set it to maximum and the sound will quickly fall, and then gradually dissolve in your own tail. Set the zero value to a slow drop, where the volume will remain until the end for a larger, bold sound. Control the depth of pitch change with the appropriate knob.

The buttons of Fall Time control the time (in cycles) of your drops from the moment you press the key and synchronize with your tempo of the sequencer. Press the “Random” button to endlessly create fantastic new sounds. The Super button creates a width effect, adding depth and power to your drops.

Master FX page : This page shows the global effects that will affect each sound currently loaded. Includes three effects for insertion (drive, compressor and filter), two effects on the sender (reverb and delay) and a rhythmic gater in which you can control the speed, depth, panning and width of sound. The Master FX page also has a filter with three modes: bandpass, bandwidth (high and low) and a formant filter for wowowow effects.

Simple, complex and complex, from sandy, smooth and fatty synthetic sounds, to ultramodern futuristic textures, SCULPTOR Epic Drops contains high-quality sound recordings of the Hollywood sound producer – animator Alessandro Cannasio with incredibly easy-to-use formation options that have made Gothic Instruments known.

Kontakt v5.6.8


Publisher : Gothic Instruments
Website : timespace
Format : KONTAKT


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