EDMProd – Start To Finish: Future House Edition [Tutorial, ENG]

By | July 27, 2019


Year of release : 2016
Manufacturer : EDMProd
Manufacturer Website : edmprod.com/future
Posted by : Hyperbits
Duration : 05: 10: 2600: 4570
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
Language : English

Description : Discover the techniques and techniques of future house production (Ultra, Universal, Armada).
Start to Finish: Future House Edition is a course of 13 lessons in which the famous producer Hyperbits will guide you through creating a track in the style of the Future House, explaining the process step by step. You will learn tricks, tricks and develop key production skills that will help you in your next project.

Pro (producer, ultra, universal, armada)
Start to Finish: Where is the renowned producer of a house track track, it’s a step-by-step guide. You will pick up your production project skills.


Video 1: Creating an Idea (25 min)
There are no ideas.
Generation of music is the most important part of music production.
It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.
There are ways to create a memorable vocal hook.
Video 2: Idea Development (47 min)
Has some surrounding elements.
In video 2, you will find out how to create your own bassline.
Video 3: Initial Mixing (57 min)
Ideas mean nothing if they are not presented well.
Mixing is tough. It helps you to keep track of your choice.
In the third video, you’ll find out how to organize your mixing, workout, stereo imaging, mixing and killing.
Video 4: Basic Structure (6 min)
The track is starting to take shape. But it doesn’t have much of a structure yet.
And without a structure, it’s not really a track.
Video 4 will show you a radio & radio friendly structure.
Note: “8-bar loop problem,” then “this is the video for you.
Video 5: The Break (21 min)
Transitioning from a high-energy to low-energy section.
Listeners lose interest. If it stays too high, there is not enough contrast.
In video 5, you’ll see how to create smooth transitions, use FX, induce tension with pads, and use this automation to create a movement.
Video 6: The Build (22 min)
Want to build the maximum tension?
Video 6 will show that.
If you want to make it up, it’s intricate, live-sounding snares, and layer 909s.
Video 7: The Drop (27 min)
The drop …
It wants to be a nail. Listeners get excited for.
But if you slip up even a little bit, your whole song is ruined.
BIG and memorable.
Video 8: Final Arrangement (6 min)
Do you overcomplicate arrangement?
After watching this video.
Learn how to get “unstuck.”
Video 9: Transitions + Second Break (23 min)
Transitions are touched on video 5, but this video expands on ’em.
You can learn more about how to use it.
Video 10: Intros & Outros (11 min)
Do your intros lack energy?
From the very start of the track. This means creating an intro that has the perception of energy.
This is what you’re learning about and how to create an energetic and interesting intro.
Video 11: Pre-Mixdown Details (15 min)
Ever finished a mixdown and realized?
Pre-mixdown preparation is important.
In video 11, you’ll find out how to add a lot of noise.
Video 12: Final Mixing (27 min)
What is the biggest struggle producers have?
It’s not workflow, creativity, or sound design. It’s mixing.
And for good reason. Mixing is hard. It makes it impossible to take hours of your time.
Video 13: Mastering (24 min)
Mastering seems like an elusive, difficult process. And while there is a need for professional mastering engineers, it’s definitely worth learning to self-master.
Will focus on exactly that. How to master a track (without overcomplicating the process).

Example files : present
Video Format : MP4
Video : AVC, 1920×1080, 16: 9, 30,000 frames / second, ~ 1200 Kbps
Audio : AAC, 44.1 kHz, ~ 242 kbps, 2 channels


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