ChordPulse 2.5 x86 + PORTABLE [Win]

By | September 13, 2017


Musicians and composers who begin to create a new song or try to find the right style for their composition, you may need an arranger program, which greatly simplifies the task. A similar software may be needed for performers wishing to show their composition in finished, finished form, but not yet having a full-fledged minus one.

ChordPulse is a software arranger or auto accompanist that uses a MIDI standard in its work. This is a simple and easy to use program with an attractive interface and the necessary set of functions for selecting and creating arrangements. To use the capabilities of this accompanist to the fullest, you do not need to have a keyboard instrument connected to a PC. All that is required to work with ChordPulse is the manual chord accompaniment of the song and then, it’s also not necessary.

Version 2.5:
– 34 new music styles added:
– Pop category: A New Start, Piano Energy, Toms, Toms B, Toms C
– Rock category: Dirty Shuffle, Ground State, Quarter Rock, Rock Run, Tom’s Rock
– Jazz + Blues category: Jazz Latin Fusion, Jazz Pop Fusion
– Synth category: Electroblade, Electroplast, Fluid Dynamics, Rain, Shield, Submerge, The Flight
– World category: Cha Cha, Montuno, Montuno B, Montuno C
– Extra category: Baroque Peace B, Distant, Funk Base B, Funk Base C, Low, My Meadow,
Percussive, Percussive B, Percussive C, Sharp Ballad, Tireless Marimba
– “Preset Chord Progressions” window: hotkey [O] added, last selected item is remembered, new presets added
– new sample lessons added
– extended in-application and html help
– minor improvements, optimizations, and fixes
Version 2.4:
– chord types added: 5, 6sus, 7b5, 7b9, 7 # 9, 7alt, 7sus, mM7, 9, m9, M9,
9sus, 9b5, 9 # 5, 69, m69, m11, 13, m13, M13
– new chord selectors: standard (17 chord types) and extended (36 chord types)
– chord voicing options: rootless voicing, open harmony
– chord notation options, chord quality are now in subscript
– new style selector with categories, sorting options, tempo and time signature information
– 11 new music styles in “Jazz + Blues” category, one new style in “Synth” category
– improved Swing and Jazz Ballad styles
– some jazz / blues preset chord progressions added / renamed
– new sample sessions: Blues, Jazz Loop, Minor Blues, Rock Base, Vintage Jazz;
in folder “Samples / More”: Even Jazz, Minor Blues 2, Unwind
– music styles renamed: Slow 9/8 -> Slow Rock 9/8, Tsamikos 3/4 -> Tsamikos, Easy Swing -> Tale Swing,
Soft Swing -> Swing – Pad, Soft Swing 3/4 -> Swing – Pad 3/4
– additional minor improvements, changes, and fixes
Version 2.3:
– 30 new music tags added
– improved Windows 8 compatibility
– bug fixes and performance improvements
Version 2.2:
– ChordPulse is digitally signed by Symantec Norton / VeriSign
– support for transposing instruments
– new MIDI export window, silence and precount options
– startup warning for non-standard master tune & visual transpose
– modified Options menu
– improved visibility of (side active) piano keys, C4 mark on wide piano keyboard
– small cosmetic changes
– precount problem with Sound Blaster hardware fixed
Version 2.1.1:
– fixed: timing issues on slower
– additional optimization of processor usage
Version 2.1:
– 10 new music styles
– Seldom editing of arrangement points, redesigned editor, arrangement & cymbal
– new visualization modes: “Note grid” and “Chord + bass notes” (click on piano keyboard to change mode)
– play music from any beat
– chord inversion is shown in chord editor
– preset chord progressions: several new presets, “Add” mode
– visual customization: wide / white model, 10 text colors, 4 chord coloring modes, 4 chord appearance modes
– Various cosmetic changes: metal play button, somewhat wider window, desaturated text and chord colors
– new options: leave style / tempo / key selector open, flat notes by default in new sessions
– non-modal “Session Notes” window
– “Key shift” changed to “Key” on main display, sharp / flat notes shown on main display
– bug fixes
Year / Release Date : 09/06/2017
Version : 2.5
Developer : ChordPulse
Developer’s site : ChordPulse
Bit depth : 32bit
Language : English
Tabletka : present
System requirements : – Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating system
– Administrator rights to install and run the software
– Works only with the English alphabet for folders, file names,
and any text input / output in general
– General MIDI compatible software or hardware synthesizer
– 1 GHz or faster processor
– 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor
– 64 MB of free RAM

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