York Audio – ORNG 412 V30 (Kemper, WAV)

By | January 16, 2022


Publisher: York Audio
Website: yorkaudio.com
Format: KIPR, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 96, 48, 44.1 kHz mono

The York Audio ORNG 412 V30 Cab Pack is based on a 2006 Orange™ PPC412 4×12 cabinet with original Celestion™ Vintage 30 speakers. Tone is full and balanced with thick lows and warm lows, bold and colorful mash-up mids with smooth upper mids and a nice high end with just the right amount of sound and air. This booth can play everything from dark and sinister rock to aggressive modern rock, bright Britpop crunch and everything else.
954 WAV
170 KIPR
Microphones used in this Cab Pack
57m – Based on a modern Shure® SM57
57v – Based on a vintage Shure® Unidyne III SM57
58 – Based on a Shure® SM58
SM7 – Based on a Shure® SM7b
421v – Based on a vintage Sennheiser® MD421
906 – Based on a Sennheiser® e906
421m – Based on a modern Sennheiser® MD421
i5 – Based on an Audix® i5
121- Based on a Royer® R-121
160 – Based on a Beyerdynamic® M160
313 – Based on a Shure® KSM313
E22 – Based on a Josephson® e22S small diaphragm condenser mic U47 – Based on a Telefunken® U47 large diaphragm tube condenser mic
414 – Based on an AKG® C414 large diaphragm condenser mic
ROOM – Captured with a Telefunken® U47
REAR – Captured with a Telefunken® U47
SIDE – Captured with a Telefunken® U47

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