Yamaha Vocal Rack v1.0.1 (VST) [Win]

By | March 19, 2017

Featuring high quality fully programmable multi effects specifically targeted at vocal processing from an acknowledged Yamaha heritage in professional digital mixer and DSP technologies, Vocal Rack also comes with dozens of high quality presets suitable to all musical styles.

Vocal Rack assembles Yamaha’s ultimate tools for vocal processing. This VST plug-in includes 20 presets using several valuable processing tools specifically designed for vocal processing, including a High Pass filter, Compressor, Harmonic Enhancer, three-band EQ, DeEsser, Gate and Delay.

– High pass filter (20Hz to 180Hz)
– Compressor
– Harmonic Enhancer
– 3 Band EQ
– DeEsser (500Hz to 16kHz)
– Noise gate
– Digital Delay
– Full 24-Bit 96kHz processing


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