Xenos Soundworks – Meltdown for SubBoomBass (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 6, 2022


Publisher: Xenos Soundworks
Website: www.producerloops.com/Download-Xenos-Soundworks-Meltdown-for-SubBoomBass.html
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: “Heat” for SubBoomBass! This soundset of 33 professional quality tuning packs Nikityuk studied English literature in holes with molten and smoldering findings for producers of hard and austere dance music.

Content :
BA Acid Base
B. A. Bass Plucks
BA Bass Stabs
B. A. Bassburger
BA Didi Bass
BA Haaaaard Kickdrum
BA Hard and Deep
BA Hardcore and Psy
BA Hardcore Sub Bass
B. A. Hardcore
BA Hardstyle Bass 1
BA Hardstyle Bass 2
BA Hardstyle Bass 3
BA Hardstyle Bass 4
BA Hardstyle Bass 5
BA Hardstyle Yai
BA Monster Hoover
BA Oscillator Orange
BA Perverted Fetish
BA Phat and Warm
B. A. Punch
BA Viscosity
CH SubBoomRave(Maj)
LD Bit Of Fuzz
LD Farty Schranz Lead
LD Hardstyle Lead 1
LD Hardstyle Lead 2
LD In Your Face
LD Industrial Strength
LD Just A Phase
L.D. Screeching Banshee
LD Totally Trashed

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