Xenos Soundworks – Cryostasis for Rob Papen Blue (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 31, 2022


Publisher: Xenos Soundworks
Website: www.producerloops.com/Download-Xenos-Soundworks-Cryostasis-for-Rob-Papen-Blue.html
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: “Suspended Climb” by Rob Papen Blue is Xenos Soundworks’ Blue’s first soundbank. It contains 32 pads, soundtracks, atmospheres and other sounds that allude to various emotions from eternal bliss to horror.

Content :
AT Army Of Zombies
AT Brain Scorcher
A. T. Icewinds
A. T. Malstrom
BA Black Void Drone
BA Gloom And Doom
B. A. Vomitus
FX Overhead Jet
FX Rusted Rainbows
LD Blue Roses
LD Deep Sea Artifact
LD FM Solo
PD Busy Nanobots
PD Crying Pad
PD Cyborgs Go To Heaven
PD Feedback D
PD Northern Lights
PD Platinum Dust
P.D. Powerchords
P.D. Sacred Waters
PD Sixth Chakra
PD Tension In The Air
PD Urban Decay
PD Utopia
PD Zero Gravity
PR Blasphemous Bells
PR Galaway Terror Hits
PR Primal Bliss
PR The Tao Of Blue
SY Dirty Dub Hits (min6)
SY Sapphire Keys

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