Waveformless – Omnisphere Encompass (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 4, 2022



Manufacturer: Waveformless
Website: www.waveformless-soundware.com/downloads.aspx
Format: PRT_OMN

Description: Presets of vintage synthesizers of the eighties.
Waveformless Soundware is proud to announce our third product: Encompass for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. True to its name, Encompass covers a wide range of sonic territory from convincing vintage and eighties synths, to punchy synth basses, to cinematic pads, to warped textures, to pulsing gates, to soaring arps, and even electronic drums. A common complaint we hear about the presets that ship with Omnisphere is that a lot of them sound amazing, but are hard to actually use in a full arrangement. Encompass was programmed with this in mind, aiming to provide sounds you’ll actually want to use in your songs. And speaking of programming, the mod wheel modulates something on every patch allowing you to transform the sounds as you play.
In the demos below, everything you hear is coming from Waveformless Omnisphere Encompass, even the drums. All effects are coming from Omnisphere with only some mastering effects on the full mix.

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