W.A Production – LOOP Engine v1.1.1 – RET (VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | December 2, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 11/13/23
Developer: W.A Production.
Developer website: W.A Production
Format: VSTi, VST3i, AAX.
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Present/cured [RET]
System requirements: WIN 8+

~infinite loop generator~
This revolutionary plugin opens up a new standard for MIDI generation, building on the legacy of CHORDS plugins and pushing the boundaries even further.
Say goodbye to the limitations of static chord shapes and divisible segments as the Loop Engine produces riffs that
takes arps and melodies to the next level with its dynamic tonal capabilities.
This plugin allows you to generate MIDI loops beyond the norm, with intuitive controls for shaping algorithms.
Always inspiring and innovative, this powerful tool is designed to ignite your tracks and help spark ideas for new musical creations.

Originally designed for EDM production, but absolutely effective in all other genres, this looping workstation will create note progressions with skill and ease, based on chord shapes and rules. Try out new ideas in the intuitive circular interface, or click the “create” button to let the plugin create fantasy ideas.
We’ve expanded the Loop Engine’s feature set with new concepts to create an entirely new way of working that greatly expands the capabilities of MIDI generation. Routing capabilities for multi-track playback mean that integrating this plugin into your DAW project is easier than ever. Use your favorite virtual synths and instruments while the Loop Engine seeds up to 8 different MIDI parts and sends them to the accompanying secondary plugin, the Loop Engine Listener. Using these two tools, you can create complex multi-track loops that span multiple tracks in your DAW… or simply use the presets as a starting point to create legendary loops.

Peculiarities :

Multi-track MIDI effect Chord & Arp.
Connects to any DAW.
Routing up to 8 voices from one Loop Engine.
Loop Engine Listener plugin for routing voices to multiple tracks.
30 types of chords and tensions.
Creative randomization.
Intelligent harmonic progressions.
Copy and paste.
Global and segment regulators.
Control of note splitting.
MIDI export.
Factory presets for chords and sequences.
Changeable interface.
Manual in PDF format.

What’s new in version 1.1 ?

1 . A very comprehensive preset manager for searching, tagging, organizing and saving any type of preset (click on the input field in the center of the general Loop control panel to open).
Presets are backwards compatible with V1.0.
We’ve also included two two-voice factory presets to make it easier to get started with the program and the multi-voice loop concept.
2 . Tooltips: toggled on/off (question mark).
3 . Help button (light bulb): Link to the LE web page with content such as setup videos, tutorial videos, text information, etc.
4 . Possibility to automate the following controls:

OCTAVE (transpose the entire cycle by an octave).
KEY (key change for the entire cycle).
VOICE mute/unmute (for all 8 voices).

5 . Chord segments can be divided into 16 sections to accommodate single notes (as requested by a user on your site in the COMMENTS section).
6 . Minor changes to the GUI, such as removing the chord LENGTH control and shuffling some controls to simplify things.

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