Vir2 Instruments – syntAX (KONTAKT)

By | March 6, 2024


Manufacturer: Vir2 Instruments
Format: NKI, NKM, NKX
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

A massive, expansive, and complex collection of electronic textures, the core of syntAX is a 2000+ patch synth library covering an immense amount of synth territory, including soaring leads, evolving pads, thick basses, harsh distortions, unusual textures, other-worldly atmospheres, FX, hits, blips, and more. Then syntAX blazes into new territory with its custom scatterFX engine which allows real-time manipulation and interaction with the syntAX core library. scatterFX is made up of two components: scatFX and stepFX.

  • scatFX gives you control over rhythmic stuttering, allowing you to program, play, and command rhythmic patterns of syntAX.
  • stepFX functions as an advanced step modulator allowing you to melodically animate pattern-based arpeggiations.

Both scatFX and stepFX lock to tempo and can be controlled by numerous external MIDI controllers, making the synth completely interactive.


  • Over two thousand different synth patches across a wide variety of folders: Arp Attacks, Atmospheres, Basses, Distortions, FX and Hits, Leads, Pads, Phat and Filtered, SyntOrchestra, and Textures.
  • 3.6 GB of 24-bit samples.
  • The scatterFX engine available in all patches.
  • Remote control of many sonic parameters, including scatterFX and envelope controls, available via MIDI CC.
  • Independent control of scatFX and stepFX modules.
  • Resonant filter controllable via modulation wheel.
  • 16 Preset slots to save custom scatterFX settings.
  • All rhythmic operations instantly tempo-sync to sequencer hosts.
  • Customizable input quantization.
  • Multi-timbral operation, supporting up to 64 simultaneous instruments loaded (subject to RAM availability), receiving up to 64 MIDI channels (16 in plug-in mode).

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