Vir2 Instruments – Acoustic Legends HD (KONTAKT)

By | January 9, 2024


Publisher: Vir2 Instruments
Quality: 24-bit 96kHz
Release group: DYNAMiCS

Premium library of the best acoustic guitars (McPherson, Taylor, Gibson, Martin) in excellent 24-bit 96kHz quality.

Presenting $40,000 of the finest acoustic guitars in the world, sampled in glorious high definition 24-bit 96kHz stereo, now available in this premium 19 gigabyte collection. This broad collection of acoustic guitars is sampled in the finest detail in a variety of playing styles, including picked notes, finger picked notes, natural and artificial harmonics, harmonic chords, mutes, chords, release layers, and even fret noise sampled for each guitar.

Included in the library are several different steel string guitars, nylon strings, twelve strings, acoustic bass, as well as a bonus folder featuring mandolin, ukulele, and banjo. Acoustic Legends HD features the world’s best guitars from McPherson, Taylor, Gibson, Martin, and other manufacturers.

Also featured are numerous bonus patches of special effects, doubled guitars, and more. Acoustic Legends HD also features chord banks containing twelve different chord types in varying positions, with multiple velocity layers and multiple takes per layer, and with both up-strokes and down-strokes, making it simple to create fully authentic rhythm guitar parts. Experience legendary acoustic guitars, sampled in gorgeous detail and now available in one exquisite virtual instrument.

The articulations are endless, the detail is excellent (even noises that are inevitable during a real game are captured).
A bonus is a section with ukulele, mandolin and banjo.

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