Ueberschall – Wild Chases – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 2, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Hard electronic sounds.
Wild Chases is an impulse. With 10 impressive sets based on electronic music, inspiration is invigorating and insistent.
Powerful grooves provide a sense of constant movement. The stinging sound elements add a dark tone. Electronic build-ups add voltage. Whether it’s a chase scene, a sense of rising tension, or a dramatic backdrop for dark lyrics, Wild Chases will get your listeners to the right place.
The library contains about 700 loops and samples, scattered over 2.5 GB of content. Each kit consists of several music sections and a separate folder with separate drum sounds. The loop length ranges from 2 to 16 measures, providing many musical variations. The starting tempo ranges from 130 to 150 beats per minute to maintain a sense of rush. There are also some variable tempo loops to increase the tension. However, Elastik’s high quality tempo matching tools provide great tempo flexibility.
The core of each kit is built around analog sound: synthesizers, solos, pads, arpeggios, bass and sub-bass. They are complemented by electric guitar, strings, electric bass and vocal sounds. Also included are sound effects, beats, electronic effects, rise and fall. Both electronic and acoustic drum sounds are present and include snares, kick drums, sub drums, hi-hats, cymbals and various electronic percussions. Heavily edited drum loops and fills are also provided for additional textures.
Wild Chases is also ideal for composers looking to create a sense of movement and tension. Whether your scene involves a car chase, some other dangerous pursuit, or a strenuous journey, Wild Chases provides many interesting creative possibilities. However, the kits are also suitable for songwriters looking for a harsh, electronic-based vibe.
The élastique pro algorithm, developed by zplane, allows you to easily and efficiently stretch the time and change the pitch. Through the use of intuitive features such as resampling, reverse and multimode filtering, Elastik offers great potential for creative sound design. The new ReTune algorithm keeps keys and frets in sync across all installed libraries.

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