Ueberschall – Synthetic Soundtracks 3 – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 1, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Episode 3: Collision.
Synthetic Soundtracks 3 evokes a dark foreboding. With heavy beats and pounding beats, this is a music machine that hits. The mood is dark, anxious, chaotic and always epic.
If you need kits to characterize the sound of destruction and sheer power in a dystopian world, Synthetic Soundtracks 3 is perfect. This is a grand futuristic sound. Big, bad, bold and exciting.
The library contains about 1500 loops and sound effects at 9.9 GB. The ten massive sets contain 4 music sections each up to two minutes long. Each music section offers tremendous flexibility with loops up to 16 measures. Each kit also contains an additional folder with dry versions of loops and single drum samples. Throughout the library, instruments include analog-style sounds, synthesizer, solo, pad, arpeggio, bass, and sub-bass. They are complemented by powerful hits, dark environments and a range of sound effects. The drums include both pre-mixed and customized loops. They offer acoustic / electric kick drums, sub drums, cymbals, SFX drums, hi-hats, and acoustic / electro snares. In addition, an additional sound bank with industrial rhythms, ambience, additional effects and 3D ambience is included.
The final installment of our sonic trilogy brings ruthless rhythmic soundscapes and powerful beats that will crush everyone in its path. This is a grand futuristic sound.
Elastik is the perfect tool for creating loop-based music. The ReTune algorithm gives you complete control over the key of any loop, polyphonic or monophonic. This way you can easily combine loops from different libraries. All loops in Synthetic Soundtracks 3 include base key and tempo information, making it easy to find and integrate instantly into songs.

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