Ueberschall – Synthesizer Solos – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 29, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Master class of improvisation.
When it comes to virtuoso solo performance, virtual instruments cannot recreate it. You need something real. This is exactly what the Solo Library Series offers: inspiring solo performances by leading instrumentalists in an easy-to-use loop and phrase format. In Synthesizer Solos, you’ll get a solo improvisation masterclass using four different sounds from a classic analog synthesizer.
In total, the library contains 1.7 GB of sample data with over 570 loops and phrases. There are 143 performances available with four different sounds. Various musical keys are used and the tempo is between 108 and 124 bpm. However, thanks to Elastik’s powerful Timestretch and ReTune technology, you have all the flexibility you need to insert phrases into your project. The length of the loop varies depending on the style of the solo, but the phrases are logically organized into style-based groups, making it very easy to build solos of any length. The four synth sounds we use are full of analogue perfection but are dry-recorded: just add your own reverb, delay, or other effects to your liking. By layering sounds or transforming them from one to the other, you can create fat solos in unison or interesting solo variations.
Like all Solos libraries, the Synthesizer Solos is ideal for creating a complete, extended solo, or simply for creating a custom hook melody line. Either way, you get a musical atmosphere that only a seasoned musician at the top of their game can provide. If you need to add some authentic synth magic to your next project, Synthesizer Solos is a masterly lesson in analog synthesizer improvisation. An instant “classic” touch to any funk, rock, progressive or electronic project.

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