Ueberschall – Metal Riffs – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 3, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Guitars with lowered tuning.
Modern metal gets its heavy sound from down-tuned, extended-range guitars. Recorded on 7- and 8-string guitars, Metal Riffs captures that modern metal vibe in a collection of compact yet massive riffs that are perfect for inspiring your next piece.
The library contains 2.4 GB of data and 800 loops and phrases. They are split into two sets of sounds with 400 unique loops each. One sound bank provides recordings made with suitable amp / mic combinations, ready to go into your mix instantly. The other contains DI recordings of the same performances, allowing you to add your own amp / cabinet modeling and overdrive / distortion to your liking. And of course, elements of both sound banks can be easily combined to create the ideal heavy guitar sound.
The phrases are divided into two tempos (100 and 130 bpm) and two keys (B and F #). The folders within each group contain small collections of riffs that can be easily combined into a song section. All riffs are 8 bars long, and for each riff you get three performances. They can be layered / panned for dense double / triple sound. A stereo mix of all three phrases with panning left / right / center is also included for ease of use. As with all Elastik Instrument Series libraries, playback and recording quality is of the highest standard. However, the recorded sound is the same for all loop groups. Thanks to Elastik’s powerful tempo matching and pitch shifting tools, including ReTune, it’s easy to mix and match phrases from different categories, or rearrange them to create your own unique performance.
Metal Riffs is the perfect companion to other metal libraries in the Ueberschall catalog, including Shred Guitar, Metal 1 or Metal 2. The moods are medium, aggressive and very, very heavy, and Metal Riffs is ideal for busy producers or media composers looking for something. intense sound on 7 or 8 strings to add to your next metal-spiced track.
The Elastik player can adapt loops to your current song project in terms of speed, fret and pitch. Thus, all installed Elastik libraries can be freely combined. With features such as resample, formant and reverse, as well as an efficient multi-mode filter, samples in Metal Riffs can be easily modified.

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