Ueberschall – Funky Acoustic Guitar – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 3, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Super cool rhythmic strumming.
Funky Acoustic Guitar is a funky, funky acoustic guitar performance from start to finish.
If you think funk is just playing Fender Strats and bass, then Funky Acoustic Guitar might make you think again. From the Elastik Instruments series, this collection of loops offers cool acoustic guitar performances that deliver funky.
The library consists of almost 1.3 GB of samples and is divided into 13 sections based on tempo and key. The original tempo ranges from 106 to 126 bpm, but with Elastik’s high quality tempo matching algorithms, you can find the perfect tempo match for your project. All contained phases are recorded in guitar-friendly E and A keys, but the new ReTune Elastik 3 feature set makes it easy to make these loops work with other musical content in your project, regardless of key.
Each of the 13 folders contains multiple phrases (typically 4 or 8 measures long), making it easy to create a complete guitar performance for an entire song-style project. In addition, there are two alternate sections for each phrase for panning left and right. You also get both dry and processed (with suitable effects) stereo versions of each phrase, allowing you to work very quickly when needed. As you would expect from Ueberschall, the sound quality and performance are of the highest standard.
In terms of styles, the library caters to traditional funk, but the acoustics sound brings something truly organic to the genre. Likewise, for those looking to add a funky twist to pop, electro or house music, Funky Acoustic Guitar will help you. Inspirational, groovy, syncopated and with an authentic vibe, Funky Acoustic Guitar may be just what you need to enjoy funk.
The Elastik player allows you to match all loops to your current song project in terms of speed, fret and pitch. Use Retune to change the scale from minor to major or create your own scale. An intuitive browser manages all Elastik libraries for immediate access to all samples. Thus, you can freely combine not only Funky Acoustic Guitar loops, but all installed Elastik libraries. With features such as resample, formant and reverse, as well as an efficient multi-mode filter, samples can be easily modified.

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