Ueberschall – Blues Guitar – ELASTIK (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 30, 2021


Publisher: Ueberschall
Website: ueberschall

Description: Whether you’re looking for classic blues progressions, whether it’s a jam, want to learn new chords, or use the foundation for your next blues project, Blues Guitar is full of inspiration.
Whether it’s improving your blues skills, using it as a practical tool for your improvisation skills, or as a source of inspiration for writing blues songs, Blues Guitar is a great resource.
A collection of 100 guitar sequences played on a combination of acoustic, resonator and electric guitar, Blues Guitar is chock full of cool blues jams for you to enjoy and explore.
The library contains over 5 GB of content and 1000 individual loops. Each progression is contained in a separate folder for easy viewing. 100 progressions are divided into categories based on two tempos (120 bpm and 60 bpm), 5 different settings (drop D, open D, open C, open G and standard), and includes 4/4 time signatures and 6/8, so there is a lot of variety. Each progression is played by an acoustic guitar, and the second guitar part is supported by a resonator or electric guitar. You can loop the main progression, but there are end pieces for both guitars, so you can end up with ruffles.
In each folder, as well as in the main mix for both full progression and ending, you get both mic and line recordings of both guitars. All recordings are of impeccable quality but kept as natural as possible, giving you complete flexibility when adding them to any mix. And as a bonus, the download includes a PDF that contains complete information on all chord progressions. This makes it very easy to play along, improvise a lead line, or add accompanying instruments.
The Ueberschall Elastik player is the perfect tool for modern music production. All guitars in Blues Guitar are tagged with key and tempo information, and advanced algorithms allow you to modify both while maintaining high sound quality. Creative features like resampling, formant and multimode filter let you edit sounds on the fly.

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