The Unfinished – Diva Ex Machina (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 14, 2022


Publisher: The Unfinished

Website: theunfinished


Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description: A set of patches for u-he Diva.

Content :
128 patches for u-he Diva.
4 Arps
16 Basses
20 Basslines
2 Drums
19 leads
37 pads
2 Percussion Loops
12 Sequences
16 Soundscapes

Additional Information :
Diva Ex Machina is a collection of 128 sounds for u-he’s Diva, aimed at analogue, electronic sounds for film scoring and electronica.
Ex Machina is something of a special synth soundset as it includes all the patches I designed for the composer Nathan Furst to use in his score for Need For Speed. I have to thank Nathan and DreamWorks for very kindly giving me permission to share the sounds I designed for Nathan. Also in this soundset are a number of other sounds inspired by the work I was doing for Nathan.
The collection features a plethora of warm, punchy basses; ethereal, drifting pads; gentle, old skool sequences; deep, dynamic basslines; classic, spacey leads; and sinister, evocative soundscapes. All programmed with a little musical, kinetic energy in the modwheel, as you would expect.
With an emphasis on expressive, vintage, analogue synth sounds with a modern cinematic twist, this soundset is a blend of the likes of Cliff Martinez, Vangelis, Trent Reznor and Future Sound of London, with just a pinch of Harry Gregson-Williams and Michael McCann.
If you want to add some retro synth feel, or merely beef up the space and dynamics of your tracks with some analogue colours, Diva Ex Machina is a handy collection.

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