The Patchbay – Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2 (SYNTH PRESET)

By | December 25, 2022


Publisher: The Patchbay

Description: This sound bank contains 40 patches that are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk music.
From classic to contemporary synthwave and even to big cinematic Scifi scores, Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2 provides the tools to create music for these genres. Almost all patches have Modwheel. From very useful transition effects to morphs that turn the patch into a second, different-sounding instrument.
Beautiful pads, futuristic plucked sounds and very hard, distorted bass are the core of this soundbank.
All sounds from PROMO are taken from this bank.

14 Bass Patches
10 Lead Patches
7 pad patches
6 Plucked Patches
3 SFX Patches

Installation :
Place the presets folder in C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\Synapse Audio\DUNE\Soundbanks
with tables in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Synapse Audio\DUNE 3\Wavetables


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