Test Press – Serum Old Skool D&B (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 24, 2022


Publisher: Test Press
Website: splice.com

Description: Serum Old Skool D&B is here! One of the first Old Skool D&B / Jungle presets is now available for Serum. Taking you back to the mid-90s British D&B/Jungle scene, Oldskool D&B delivers an avalanche of sound system-style basslines, dub dance sounds, rattling sub-basses, dub-style FX noises and inspiring 90s Jungle-rave arpeggiators. MASSIVE, including 100 exceptionally well-designed presets that can be used directly in your productions.
Drum & Bass / Jungle originated as an early paradigm shift in the mid-90s British breakbeat hardcore and rave scene, incorporating elements of Dancelfoor, Electro, Funk, Hip Hop, House and Techno.
Ready to bring the Old Skool D&B / Jungle vibe to the dance floor?! The patches are designed to take advantage of all of Serum’s modulation options, including the four macro controls.

Content :
100 Serum Presets

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