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XILS-lab – PolyM 1.0.0 (VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 3, 2017

Reconstruction of the legendary synthesizer. When releasing a virtual instrument, the possibility of creating unlimited polyphony was considered. Even if this would not be possible, then, comparing it with monophonic synthesizers of those times or with five or eight votes, our instrument with 71 votes, each with its own pulse-width modulation, filter, VCA and envelope generator, would be… Read More »

Roland – VS Concerto 3.3.0 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | September 3, 2017

  Virtual instrument, sound engine for libraries: Roland – VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v3.2.0 Roland – VS Anthology 1990 for Concerto v3.2.0 Roland – VS Anthology 1985 Vol.1-2 v.3.2.0 Roland – VS Tera Piano for Concerto v3.2.0  Roland – VS FLAVR Grit for Concerto v3.2.0  Roland – VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0   Year / Date… Read More »


Rob Papen – Predator 2 1.0.3 (VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 2, 2017

  Predator 2 is the successor of the legendary synthesizer, which inspired many artists / composers and is embodied in a variety of music tracks. As before, it combines inspiring presets and advanced features that make it the main synthesizer for modern music creation. The user interface has been redesigned, so almost all the main controls are visible… Read More »

Roland – VS D-50 1.0.1 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  Based on Roland’s DCB technology, the Roland D-50 brings the ultimate synthetic sound of the 80s to your tracks in a new way! Released thirty years ago in 1987, the Roland D-50 Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesizer is one of the most influential keyboard instruments ever created. D-50 helped determine the sound of the late 80’s with its… Read More »

Roland – VS JUPITER-8 1.0.3 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  Created in honor of the King of synthesizers Roland JUPITER-8. Introduced in 1980 as the ultimate polyphonic and programmable synthesizer for live performances, the Roland JUPITER-8 is able to create one of the richest, most powerful tones and textures imaginable. Thanks to Roland’s simulator, the manager of the ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) game, the Roland JUPITER-8 software… Read More »

Roland – VS JUNO-106 1.0.1 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  Perhaps the most popular vintage synthesizer for EDM producers and electronic musicians around the world, the Roland JUNO-106 has become legendary due to its unique combination of Roland’s incredible analog sound, a simple and effective interface. The Roland JUNO-106 is a full-fledged re-creation of the original 6-voice instrument at the component level, right up to the classic… Read More »

Roland – VS SYSTEM-8 1.0.1 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  Inspired by the past, built in the present, intended for the future, the synthesizer Roland SYSTEM-8 is a virtual analog sound power station. Advanced software synthesizer, working on analog circuit simulation (ACB). Three oscillators for voice, incredible multimode filtering, a lot of modulation capabilities and quality effects of DSP from Roland create a sound palette of almost… Read More »

Roland – VS SYSTEM-100 1.0.5 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  A replica of the cult semimodular synthesizer System-100, all the possibilities are imported into the viral model. The program synthesizer SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT is a modern reproduction of the now legendary semimodule monosynthesis of 1975. It combines the functions of the original synthesizer Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expansion, resulting in incredibly unique and versatile two monosynthetic… Read More »

Roland – VS PROMARS 1.0.6 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

  The virtual tool Promars Plug-Out, first introduced at the winter exhibition NAMM 2015 and imitating the rarity single-channel analog synthesizer Promars Compuphonic (1997), was announced. Designed first as the “younger brother” of JUPITER-4, the Roland PROMARS Compuphonic Synthesizer has the stability and flexibility of microprocessor control with stunning analog sound. The result was a synthesizer, which offered… Read More »

Roland – VS Concerto 3.2.0 (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

By | August 30, 2017

    Concerto is the plugin engine for the Anthology and Flavr Series Year / Date of Issue : 06.2017 Version : 3.2.0 Developer : Roland Developer’s site : www.rolandcloud.com/catalog/anthology Format : VSTi, VSTi3 Bit depth : 64bit Tabletka : cured System requirements : Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 Microsoft® Windows® 8 / 8.1 Microsoft® Windows® 10 Intel® Core… Read More »