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HOFA – Super Bundle v 2017.08 (STANDALONE, VST, VST3) [Win x64]

By | September 11, 2017

  A set that combines all (!) Products from HOFA: flawless equalizer, intelligent frequency analyzer, optimal compressor, perfectly sounding reverb, de-sensing voice recognition and amazing mastering limiter. Also included are all HOFA solutions for professional creation and recording of CDs, as well as the creation and transfer of a DDP image. In addition, you receive full versions of… Read More »

MeldaProduction – MAudioPlugins 11.02 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | September 5, 2017

  MeldaProduction MTotalBundle – the newest collection of effects, currently has 70 plug-ins. MTotalBundle will turn your computer into a professional high-end sound studio. The set contains all the necessary effects for writing music, information and mastering. Includes both traditional effects and revolutionary technologies that will make the sound of your record incredible. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear… Read More »

Sinevibes All Plug-ins Bundle 11.2014 [OSX]

By | August 14, 2017

  Sinevibes All Plug-ins Bundle 11.2014 OS X [HEXWARS][dada] 6 MB ————————————————————————————- SUPPLiER : HEXWARS CRACKER : HEXWARS PACKAGER : HEXWARS DATE : 10.11.2014 NUMBER : HW-028 TYPE : CRACKED DEMO PLATFORM : MAC OS X AUDiO UNiT PROTECTiON : iNTERMiTTENT NOiSE ————————————————————————————- Plug-ins Included: -Array 2.0.1 -Cluster 1.1.3 -Diffusion 1.3.3 -Drift 2.0.0 -Flow 1.0.3 -Hexonator 1.0.4 -Inertia… Read More »

Voxengo All Plugins Rev.8 2014 [OSX]

By | August 10, 2017

  Voxengo All Plugins Rev.8 2014 OS X [R2R][dada] Size: 178.3 MB – Unpack: 3.09 GB ————————————————————————————- AnSpec v1.1 Beeper v2.6 BMS v2.2 Crunchessor v2.8 CurveEQ v3.3 — NEW! Deft Compressor v1.5 Drumformer v1.4 — NEW! EBusLim v1.0 Elephant v4.1 GlissEQ v3.8 HarmoniEQ v2.2 Latency Delay v2.3 LF Max Punch v1.5 Marvel GEQ v1.3 —- NEW! MSED v2.7… Read More »

Stillwell Audio – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.2 [OSX]

By | August 7, 2017

  Stillwell Audio – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.2 – OS X – R2R [packet-dada] 47.2 MB ————————————————————————————- Bad Protections, just annoy the users. Bad Watermarks, just leak personal info when it is stolen. – WE BELiEVE US – ————————————————————————————- SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R | DATE : 2014.06.30 CRACKER : TEAM R2R | NUMBER : R2R-2264 PACKAGER : TEAM… Read More »

Blue Cat Audio – All Plug-ins Bundle [OSX]

By | August 7, 2017

  Blue Cat Audio – All Plug-ins Bundle – OS X [packet-dada] 174 MB AU-RTAS-VST format. ————————————————————————————- Blue Cat Audio has a long experience in customizing its standard products according to specific requirements as well as help other companies to build custom software from the ground up. Check out our areas of expertise below and contact us for… Read More »

ToneBoosters – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.6 [OSX]

By | August 3, 2017

  ToneBoosters – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.6 – OS X – R2R [packet-dada] 130 MB ————————————————————————————- Bad Protections, just annoy the users. Bad Watermarks, just leak personal info when it is stolen. – WE BELiEVE US – ————————————————————————————- TB_Barricade_v3 TB_BusCompressor_v3 TB_Compressor_v3 TB_DeEsser_v3 TB_Dither_v3 TB_EBUCompact_v3 TB_EBULoudness_v3 TB_Equalizer_v3 TB_Ferox_v3 TB_FlX_v3 TB_FlX4_v3 TB_Gate_v3 TB_Isone_v3 TB_Module_v3 TB_ReelBus_v3 TB_Reverb_v3 TB_TimeMachine_v3 Keygen.exe + PreGenerated… Read More »

D16 Group – All Plugins Bundle [OSX]

By | August 1, 2017

  D16 Group – All Plugins Bundle – OS X – UNION-R2R [packet-dada] 331 MB ————————————————————————————- 32/64-bit Support. ————————————————————————————- Instruments Drumazon v1.5.1 LuSH-101 v1.1.2 Nepheton v1.5.1 Nithonat v1.5.1 Phoscyon v1.9.0 ————————————————————————————- Effects Decimort v1.3.1 Devastor v1.3.1 Fazortan v1.3.1 Redoptor v1.3.1 Sigmund v1.0.0 Syntorus v1.3.1 Toraverb v1.3.1 ————————————————————————————- Keyfiles by UNION & R2R. Keygen.exe by R2R. ————————————————————————————- future-dada ————————————————————————————-… Read More »

ToneBoosters – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.5 [OSX]

By | July 31, 2017

  ToneBoosters – All Plugins Bundle v3.0.5 – OS X – R2R [packet-dada] 130 MB ————————————————————————————- Bad Protections, just annoy the users. Bad Watermarks, just leak personal info when it is stolen. – WE BELiEVE US – ————————————————————————————- SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R | DATE : 2014.03.25 CRACKER : TEAM R2R | NUMBER : R2R-1987 PACKAGER : TEAM R2R… Read More »

Crysonic – Everything Bundle 2014 [WiN MAC]

By | June 28, 2017

  Crysonic ANUNA Crysonic CRYQ (32bit) Crysonic INPRESSA V2 Crysonic NEWB V4 Crysonic NXTASY V3 (32bit) Crysonic RADMETER Crysonic RADMETER V2 (PC/STANDALONE) Crysonic SINDO V4 Crysonic SPECTRAC3 Crysonic SPECTRALIVE V5 Crysonic SPECTRALIVE V6 (STANDALONE) Crysonic SPECTRALIVEVISION V2 Crysonic SPECTRAPHY V3 Crysonic SPECTRAPHY LE (32bit) Crysonic SPECTRAQ (32bit) Crysonic TRANSILATE V2   NEW newB V4 – ACOUSTICS BASED BASS… Read More »


By | June 28, 2017

  iZotope Trash 2 v2.03 patched WiN X86 X64 NO iLOK Trash 2 takes the best of Trash and makes it even better. With an entirely new sonic architecture, brand new features, optimized performance, better sound quality, and support for modern hosts and formats, Trash 2 is primed for a powerful new era of audio mangling, distortion, and… Read More »

Wavearts Complete-Bundle v5.84 and v1.34 (VST) [Win]

By | June 28, 2017

  Wavearts offer some of the most robust, high quality, and efficient audio processing software available for Windows and Macintosh computer production environments. Critics and our customers agree: our products sound as good or better than those costing much more. Meticulous, elegant design and engineering make possible the best balance between superior audio performance and the real world… Read More »

FabFilter TotalBundle v2015.02.02 (VST) [WiN]

By | May 21, 2017

  The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get our professional EQ, multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, stereo delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins. * FabFilter Micro – v1.13 * FabFilter One – v3.23 * FabFilter Pro-C – v1.23 * FabFilter Pro-DS – v1.04 * FabFilter Pro-G… Read More »


By | May 18, 2017

McDSP Plugins Pack 19.12.2015 by AudioUTOPiA Native Instruments Update Pack 17 December 2015 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R Softube Plug-Ins v2.2.76 VST x86 x64-AudioUTOPiA UVI UltraMini 1.5 WiN Ableton Suite v9.5 x64 Portable Accusonus.ERA-D.v1.1.0.Incl.Patched.and.Keygen-R2R Acoustica.MixCraft.Pro.Studio.v7.5.Build.292.Incl.Keygen-R2R Ample.Sound.AGP2.v2.2.0.Update.Incl.Keygen-R2R Anthology.X.v1.0.4.WIN Applied.Acoustics.Lounge.Lizard.EP-4.v4.1.0.WIN.OSX.Incl.Keygen Arturia.V.Collection.4.v4.0.3-R2R Audifed.U73b.Compressor.v1.1.2.WIN.VST-AudioUTOPiA AudioThing.Phase.Motion.v1.5.0.Incl.Patched.and.Keygen-R2R Avid.Aphex.Systems.Bundle.v11.1.80869-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Classic.Compressors.Bundle.v11.1.80701.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Effects.Seperates.Multi.Bundle.AudioUTOPiA Avid.Eleven.v12.0.86530.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.First.AIR.Effects.Bundle.12.0.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.First.AIR.Instrument.Xpand2.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.First.AIR.Instruments.Bundle.12.0.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Focusrite.d2.d3.Bundle.v11.1.80871.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Pro.Multiband.Dynamics.v12.0.84760.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Pro.Tools.HD.v12.3.1.88512.WIN.x64.READ.NFO-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Pultec.Bundle.v11.0.0.79738.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Reverb.One.v12.0.86552.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.ReVibe.II.v12.0.84714.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Smack.v12.0.86554.x64.AAX-AudioUTOPiA Avid.SoundReplacer.v12.0.86558.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Space.v12.0.86560.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.Voce.Bundle.v11.1.80697.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA Avid.X-Form.v12.0.84738.WIN.x64-AudioUTOPiA… Read More »


By | May 17, 2017

112db.Morgana.v1.2.8.Incl.Patch.and.Keygen-R2R BeepStreet.Dagger.v1.0.0.Incl.Keygen-R2R BeepStreet.Dagger.v1.0.2.Incl.Keygen-R2R BeepStreet.Dagger.v1.0.4.Incl.Keygen-R2R Brainspawn.Forte.Producer.Edition.v4.1.7.23-DVT Cakewalk.Rapture.Pro.UP3.v2.0.3.96.WiN.X86.X64.Patched Cakewalk.Z3TA+_2.v2.2.0.95.WiN_X86.X64.Patched.Repack Cockos REAPER 5.11 + Portable Cockos.REAPER.v5.1.1.Incl.Patch.and.Keygen-R2R Dagger.v1.0.6-R2R discoDSP.Corona.v5.1-DVT discoDSP.Discovery.Pro.v6.4.6-DVT discoDSP.Phantom.v1.2-DVT discoDSP.ThrillMe.v2.2.-DVT discoDSP.Vertigo.v3.6-DVT Eventide.2016.Stereo.Room.v2.1.5.WIN-AudioUTOPiA FXpansion.BFD.Imperial.Drums.v1.0.0.FIXED.KEYGEN.ONLY-R2R Harrison.Mixbus.v3.0.2872.Incl.Patch.and.Keygen-R2R IK.Multimedia.SampleTank.3.v3.6.3.Incl.Keygen-R2R MAGIX.Music.Maker.2016.Live. Max Project And CPS Carma Synthesizer VST MusicLab.RealGuitar.v4.0.0.7207.Incl.Patch.and.Keygen-R2R Noise Makers Plugins Pack 22.12.2015 by R2R Noizefield Dancelab Jayqualizer WIN VST PSPaudioware.PSP.2445.v1.0.0.Incl.Keygen-R2R Re-Reversed.u-he.The.Dark.Zebra.v2.7.2.3898.x86.x64 Reveal.Sound.Spire.v1.1.1-R2R Rob Papen Blade v1.0.2-R2R Rob Papen Predator v1.6.5a-R2R Rob Papen Punch… Read More »