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Impact Soundworks – Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion (KONTAKT)

By | April 16, 2017

  A symphonic collection of percussion instruments recorded through three microphone positions, the set includes instruments: bass drum, snare drum, tomes, plates, shaker, bells, castanets, chimes, bongs, bells, xylophone, marimba, bells. Publisher: Impact Soundworks Website : http: effectsoundworks.com/rhapsody-orchestral-percussion/ Format : KONTAKT Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo  

Sonokinetic – Mallets (KONTAKT)

By | April 12, 2017

orchestral percussion contains four instruments xylophone marimba bells and bells. Content: 4 Mallet Instruments: Tubular Bells, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Xylophone Alternative mallet / beater materials: Wood, Rubber, Wool, Leather & Plastic. Full sustains up to 10 seconds long Damped and undamped samples Multiple round robin samples and transposed round robins Multiple velocity layers (up to 4 for each instrument),… Read More »

Sonokinetic – Felt Force One Orchestral Percussion (WAV, KONTAKT.NKI, AIFF, REX2)

By | December 29, 2016

For fast and efficient scoring, guide-tracking work and full scores building. 24 bit 44.1 kHz 16 fully percussive scored and performed construction kits divided 4 and 8 or 16 bar phrases for quick scoring and scene transitions. 15+ Massive Slams and Hits, 2 snare ensemble phrases, a metal and iron hits, GrandCassa, BigDrumFX patch and a shout and… Read More »

Native Instruments – Action Strikes (Kontakt)

By | October 2, 2016

Action Strikes was created with Dynamedion, the renowned score producers behind the Action Strings instrument. Action Strikes features an advanced, one-of-a-kind interface designed for creating orchestral pieces for film, television, and game scores with ease. 12 carefully-assembled ensembles feature signature sounds suited to a range of different film genres. High, mid, and low sections from different ensembles can… Read More »