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By | April 15, 2017

SHORTNOISE 2 is a library with more than 800 tools aimed at creating music, movies, TV, games, to the service of a ton of electronic and hybrid sounds that can be reworked, many effects, synthesizers, arpeggiators. SHORTNOISE 2 delivers top-notch instruments and multis for the modern producer and composer, seeking for unusual and truly inspiring synthesizer soundscapes. It… Read More »

SampleTraxx – Electronic Drain (KONTAKT)

By | September 14, 2016

Electricity, magnetic fields, sparks, fuse burning, electromagnetism. Electronic Drain is a collection of electric and electronic sources specifically designed for movies, audio logos and trailers. The library includes new and experimental sound material generated using the most cutting-edge digital signal processing techniques. Providing digital, organic, raw and designed sounds Electronic Drain delivers a rich sonic complexity and a… Read More »

reFX – Hollywood (Nexus 2, NXP)

By | December 22, 2015

All the orchestral sounds needed to create complex arrangements that will rival those heard in big-budget, blockbuster movies. Sensuous strings, bold brasses and wonderous woodwinds come together to create an amazing arsenal of sound at your fingertip