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Spitfire Audio – HZ02 Hans Zimmer Percussion Los Angeles (KONTAKT)

By | October 8, 2017

  Hans Zimmer presents the rock aristocrat Jason Bonham, who plays on his grandiose sounding DW Vistalite in the legendary Los Angeles area, and also presents some exclusive items. The most epic set performed by the most epic drummer in three epic places, produced by the godfather of the epic by composer, producer and sound engineer Hans Zimmer… Read More »

AngelicVibes – 808 Bloodline (KONTAKT)

By | October 8, 2017

  Bloodline – professionally designed 808 ‘library for Kontakt. We have created for you something special. Thanks to the simple interface and the professionally developed 808 ‘tools, the Bloodline will be the library of the year with 808’ sound. Inside this library there are all kinds of 808 ‘sounds, ranging from distorted and overly saturated monsters to modern… Read More »

Function Loops – DrumRoom Dubstep Kicks (KONTAKT)

By | October 8, 2017

  “Drumm Room: Dubstep Kicks” is a complex instrument (Kontakt) for creating sound, designed to provide the end user with tools for designing and using drum sounds. Sounds are manipulated by a three-band equalizer, a dynamic processor (compressor), and two independent convolution effects. The convolution effects come with a wide range of reverberations and a number of special… Read More »

Loopmasters – Tech House Oblivion (HALION, KONTAKT, EXS24, KONG, NNXT, SFZ, REX2, WAV)

By | October 7, 2017

  Loopmasters represent Tech House Oblivion, a collection that shakes the dance floor with its big beats, fat basses and crunchy percussions. All the materials are the best sounds of Tech House, to give your tracks even more vibrations and energy! Tech House Oblivion has more than 580 loops and single samples of bass, drums, synthesizers, vocals and… Read More »

Loopmasters – Variavision Tech House (HALION, KONTAKT, EXS24, KONG, NNXT, SFZ, REX2, WAV)

By | October 7, 2017

  Loopmasters and Declique Audio represent Variavision Tech House – a cult research of the technical side of the house, which features swinging basses, fat drums, crispy percussion and funky melodies. This collection is directly from Variavision and is ready to work on the Tech House track. Variavision Tech House is a brand new collection of samples, containing… Read More »

Synth Magic – Farfisa Polychrome (KONTAKT)

By | September 20, 2017

  This instrument is based on the very rare, released in 1978 synthesizer Farfisa Polychrome. Fully programmable from the front panel, as a real prototype and easy to use. Farchisa Polychrome was a synthesizer, consisting of various sections, such as percussion, string, ensemble and vocal synthesizers. We tried every section and added many new features. Comes with over… Read More »

Native Instruments – Kinetic Toys (KONTAKT)

By | September 18, 2017

  LET MUSIC PLAY Dissolve in the fantastic world of toy sounds, spatial synthesized tones, morphing and creative effects. INSIDE TOYBOX KINETIC TOYS offers dynamic playback of 200+ records of old children’s toys and instruments, each of which has its own synthesized layer to create reproducible tones. They are then superimposed and processed using a dynamic XY modulation… Read More »

Soundiron – Requiem Light 3.0 (KONTAKT)

By | September 18, 2017

  Requiem Light is a professional symphonic choral library, specially designed for cinematography and musical accompaniment of trailers, filled with ready-to-mix sound in excellent quality. Whether you use the library in your studio or on the road, it has a rich dynamic sound of the cathedral choir, which is also ideal for floating fortissimo and melodic melodies. This… Read More »

Big Fish Audio – Static Flux: Glitches Rises FX and Hits (KONTAKT, WAV)

By | September 18, 2017

  Static Flux is an ultramodern sound library that reveals the limits of how sound creations can look in modern cinema and music. Over 1.3 GB of Glitches, Rises, FX, Stabs, Hits, Robo sounds, Cell Phone glitches and much more complete this truly unique library and make it a functional tool for those who want to create soundtracks… Read More »