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Ample Sound – AGM2 2.5.1 (VSTi, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 14, 2017

  AGM is a virtual guitar created on the basis of Martin D-41 acoustic guitar with more than 3800 samples and more than 5 GB. The instrument has natural sustain and resonant guitar sounds, without looping. Also AGM includes several game techniques, including sliding down and up, palm-killing, natural harmonics, legato with various lengths and many others.  … Read More »

Ample Sound – AEU 1.5.0 (VSTi, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 11, 2017

  Ample Sound AEU (Ample Ethno Ukulele) is aimed at bringing the sound of Kamaya HF-3 Ukulele to your studio. • Size: 2.15 GB, 44.1khz • DFD (Direct from disk) • Body and Ambience 2 mic positions, Stereo and Mono Modes. • Any chords & any rhythms with real Strum Samples. • Controllable Resonance. • Rich Fingering Noise… Read More »

Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2 (KONTAKT)

By | July 12, 2017

VINTAGE 6- AND 12-STRING PERFORMANCE Expand your acoustic collection with vintage 6- and 12-string guitars Access over 160 patterns played by skilled studio musicians Customize performances with chord voicings, double-tracking, and on-board effects EXPAND YOUR ACOUSTIC HORIZONS The second edition in the SESSION GUITARIST series, STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2, expands your sound palette with two carefully selected vintage acoustic… Read More »


By | July 5, 2017

STRUMMED ACOUSTIC is your always-on-call, professional session guitarist ? perfectly strummed and recorded patterns, vivid sound, and real-time performance control. SESSION GUITARIST ? STRUMMED ACOUSTIC captures the sound of a benchmark dreadnought acoustic, played by a seasoned studio pro. Easily browse an encyclopedia of authentic strumming patterns and load them as fast as your inspiration strikes. STRUMMED ACOUSTIC… Read More »

In Session Audio – Soundtrack Acoustic Guitar (MULTiFORMAT)

By | June 27, 2017

  Soundtrack Acoustic Guitar presents a sensitive finger-tip touch to an array of emotive chords, progressions and single line melodies. Performed and recorded with sophistication and depth, this loop library can set a foundation or top off an existing idea for anyone producing delicate and expressive music. Imagine this: You�re in the movie theater, the lights dim and… Read More »

MusicLab RealGuitar v4.0 (VST) [Win]

By | June 2, 2017

  If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard. The true power of RealGuitar lies in brand new technologies incorporated… Read More »

ThaLoops – Urban Acoustic Guitar (KONTAKT)

By | June 1, 2017

Multi-sample instrument and one-shot wav samples collection made specifically for modern urban music productions. Provided in Kontakt, ThaLoops Player � and Soundfont formats. The sound has been sonically adjusted after legendary works such as: “Rehab” by Rihanna, “Pass The Courvoisier” by Busta Rhymes / P.Diddy / Pharrell Williams “Like I love you” by Justin Timberlake Recorded at a… Read More »

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Flatpick 6 (KONTAKT)

By | May 31, 2017

  From feathery soft dynamics to bright energetic sustains, Evolution Flatpick 6 gives you a highly-authentic flatpicking guitar perfect for folk, country, and bluegrass music. Evolution Flatpick 6 features a handmade steel string acoustic guitar with a full, lively tone. Crafted by a distinguished luthier, the guitar’s construction features a special variation on hybrid bracing, using smaller and… Read More »

8Dio Instant Guitar Series 12-String Guitar Bundle (KONTAKT)

By | May 29, 2017

  Welcome to 8DIO Natural Acoustic Series � a studio collection of high-end deep-sampled acoustic instruments. The 8Dio Instant 12-String Guitar library contains two different libraries, including our 12-String Guitar Solo and 12-String Guitar Strummer. 8Dio Instant 12-String Guitar Solo VST is a passionate, deep-sampled (+2.660 samples) pristine sounding 12-stringed guitar. We recorded the 12-String Guitar in great… Read More »


By | April 27, 2017

Native Instruments has released Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic 2, a new addition to the Session Guitarist series. Strummed Acoustic 2 complements the original Strummed Acoustic instrument, adding two carefully selected, vintage acoustic guitars – a 6-string Martin and 12-string Guild – plus more strummed patterns and new performance controls. Strummed Acoustic 2 runs in Kontakt 5 and… Read More »

Orange Tree Samples – Evolution Acoustic Guitar: Steel Strings 2 (KONTAKT)

By | April 23, 2017

Evolution Steel Strings features an iconic, Martin D16R steel string acoustic guitar recorded in stereo with top-notch mics and preamps in 24-bit, 48 khz for the best tone and fidelity possible. While most acoustic guitar sample libraries are sampled using only one mic, we used stereo micing, for a more natural tone, and also adjustable stereo width. The… Read More »

Prominy – Hummingbird (KONTAKT)

By | April 21, 2017

Hummingbird – a really sounding acoustic guitar – a true Gibson sound! Features: Flexible advanced interface, allowing real-time access to all the nuances of guitar performance. Intelligent chord recognition system. Sampled and emulated chords. Custom chords. All samples are recorded in stereo. Double-track generation system. A large set of percussive sounds. Arpeggio and combat control keys. Other …… Read More »