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Native Instruments – Rounds v1.0.0 [OSX]

By | August 11, 2017

  Native Instruments – Rounds v1.0.0 OS X [0RGan1c][dada] 27.6 MB ————————————————————————————- PARADIGM SHIFT A REAKTOR-based synth that combines digital and analog synth sounds with complex, sequenced sound shifting capabilities. A near-limitless array of new sound and texture. ROUND WE GO ROUNDS is a groundbreaking instrument, blurring the lines between cutting-edge sound design and advanced sequencing techniques. Play… Read More »

Native Instruments – Kontour v1.0.0 [OSX]

By | August 11, 2017

  Native Instruments – Kontour v1.0.0 OS X [0RGan1c][dada] 51.4 MB ————————————————————————————- EXPRESS YOURSELF An innovative phase modulation synth with expressive performance features that bring each note to life. RAPID RESPONSE KONTOUR is the latest synthesizer from NI founder Stephan Schmitt – an ultra-responsive synth that reacts to even the slightest parameter adjustments. This instrument allows you to… Read More »

Maschine Packs – Arcane Attic [OSX]

By | August 10, 2017

  Maschine Packs – Arcane Attic – OS X [packet-dada] 336.6 MB ————————————————————————————- UNIQUE BEATS Distinctive, percussive crunch with jagged field recordings for unconventional rhythms. THE OUTER-REGIONS OF RHYTHM Journey into uncharted sonic dimensions with ARCANE ATTIC. Discover a world of gritty, textured sounds recorded by experts and designed for creative beat making. From mechanical hits to cinematic… Read More »

Maschine Packs – Lucid Mission [OSX]

By | August 6, 2017

  Maschine Packs – Lucid Mission – OS X – R2R [packet-dada] 319.3 MB ————————————————————————————- PURE EUPHORIC REALMS LUCID MISSION turns every track into a transcendent experience – perfect for EDM, trap, pop, dubstep, and more. New presets from the MASCHINE Drum Synths lift you into the clouds. Extensive newMASSIVE presets keep you elevated. Go higher with LUCID… Read More »

Maschine Packs – Resonant Blaze [OSX]

By | August 3, 2017

  Maschine Packs – Resonant Blaze – OS X [packet-dada] 342.4 MB ————————————————————————————- CONCRETE SYNCOPATED BREAKS Lay down the heaviest breaks. Create brooding basslines with new MASSIVE presets. Then add finesse to the power with sampled cinematic ambiences, sound effects, and tempo-synced loops. A sonic punch as dense as concrete for drum and bass, dubstep, and trap styles… Read More »

Maschine Packs – Halcyon Sky [OSX]

By | August 3, 2017

Maschine Packs – Halcyon Sky – OS X [packet-dada] 405.4 MB ————————————————————————————- VISIONARY SONIC OUTPOSTS Warm the jets for an ultrasonic serenity trip. HALCYON SKY weaves inspired ambient rhythms, hazy, organic synths, and introspective atmospheres into an ecstatic Expansion for MASCHINE. Taking full advantage of MASCHINE 2.0’s Drum Synths, and with exclusive presets for REAKTOR PRISM and MASSIVE,… Read More »

Maschine Packs – Conant Gardens [OSX]

By | August 3, 2017

Maschine Packs – Conant Gardens – OS X [packet-dada] 278.4 MB ————————————————————————————- SOUL OF DETROIT CONANT GARDENS brings the soulful vibe of Detroit to MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and iMASCHINE, with a tasty main course of hip hop and a generous helping of funk, jazz, afrobeat and deep house on the side. Conant Gardens is a district of Detroit… Read More »

iZotope BreakTweaker Factory Content v1.00 [OSX]

By | July 27, 2017

  iZotope BreakTweaker Factory Content v1.00 – OS X – R2R [packet-dada] ——————————————————————— Bad Protections, just annoy the users. Bad Watermarks, just leak personal info when it is stolen. – WE BELiEVE US – ——————————————————————— SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R | DATE : 2014.02.18 CRACKER : N/A | NUMBER : R2R-1742 PACKAGER : TEAM R2R | TYPE : RETAiL… Read More »

PlugInGuru MegaMagic PADS for Omnisphere 2.1

By | June 3, 2017

  MegaMagic PADS is all about making beautiful, powerful, happy, sad, omnious, angry emotions… into sounds that you will get goosepimples when playing. well, at least I did. I set up some unique rules for this library to make sure it is 100{83c93de8c9bf92b09b526c8ece7da73c325d55368c444eba1a4531e14f6c453a} origional and unique. � Sounds are created 100{83c93de8c9bf92b09b526c8ece7da73c325d55368c444eba1a4531e14f6c453a} “in the box”. There are a bazillion… Read More »

Native Instruments – Maschine Expansion Hexagon Highway v1.0.1, Radiant Horizon v1.0.0 [WIN.OSX ]

By | February 6, 2017

  2 Expansion for Native Instruments Maschine: Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Hexagon Highway v1.0.1 HYBRID – for producers who like to experiment. The collection is quite dense drum and percussion sounds are the basis for this extension. Advanced sets Multi-Effect will make manipulation with sound simple and effective. Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Radiant Horizon v1.0.0 HYBRID – combines… Read More »

Musicrow – Dark Sirens For Ni ABSYNTH EXPANSiON (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 20, 2016

The Sirens have returned, and they want to take you on a dark journey… Following on from the success of ‘The Sirens’ soundset for NI Absynth, Musicrow return with the ‘Dark Sirens’, a new vocal based expansion for NI Absynth. ‘Dark Sirens’ will give you access to haunting textures, and sinister, twisted sounds filled with a dark magic.… Read More »