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Cakewalk Rapture Pro Factory Library [WiN]

By | June 28, 2017

  Rapture Pro combines algorithmic and sample-based synthesis, delivering the best parts of Dimension Pro and Rapture in one instrument. Content: Vol.01_RaptureProCoreLegacyContentPack Vol.02_RaptureProCoreLegacyContentPack Vol.03_RaptureProCoreLegacyContentPack Vol.04_RaptureProGibsonContentPack Vol.05_RaptureProAnalogContentPack Vol.06_RaptureProOrchestralContentPack Vol.07_RaptureProPianosContentPack Vol.08_RaptureProOrgansContentPack Vol.09_RaptureProWorldFXContentPack Vol.10_RaptureProConcertGrandHarpContentPack Vol.11_RaptureProPianetTContentPack + Raptor One Rapture Expansion Pack 1 Expansion Pack 2 Expansion Pack Guitar Expansion Pack Rage Pack Universal 120 Pack Universal 120 v2.0 Craig Andertons MiniMoog… Read More »