Synth Ctrl – Collection presets (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 15, 2022


Publisher: Synth Ctrl
Website: Synth Ctrl
Format: SYNTH PRESET (Serum 1.33b4), FXP

Description: A small selection of 8 sets of various presets for your creativity.
The package included (all names are clickable, with a transition to the offsite site):
Dreampop Pack: Expand your psychedelic horizons and explore the Dreampop sound and capture the essence of the genre that is taking over the world with artists like Clairo, Cuco, Beach House and more.
Future House Pack: The presets are influenced by mainstream and underground with DJs like Don Diablo, David Guetta, Brooks and Afrojack.
Future Pop Pack: You can make tracks like Shawn Mendes’ “Lost in Japan” or Dua Lipa’s “Break my Heart”, two tracks driven by their hypnotic basslines and funky tones.
Lo Fi Pack: Loaded with nostalgic Serum presets, this style of music has become one of the most popular music genres on the internet in recent years.
Outrun Pack: Our Outrun Pack is inspired by 80s movie soundtracks like Blade Runner, Terminator, Lost Boys or even modern Classic Drive.
Retrowave Pack: With this pack, you’ll think Timecop 1983 meets Miami Horror, a mixture of dark highway and neon skyline.
Synthpop Pack: With these Serum presets, you can capture the soul and nostalgia for those neon-soaked sounds you love from one of the most emblematic decades.
Synthwave Pack: Filled with 80s styled presets and a fresh collection of 80s sounds. We drew inspiration from the biggest Synthwave artists such as Kavinksi, The Midnight, Com Truise and many more.

List of presets :
Dreampop Pack
8 arp presets, 21 bass presets, 6 guitar presets, 47 key presets, 8 lead presets, 22 pad presets, 19 pluck presets.
Future House Pack
8 arp presets, 45 bass presets, 43 key presets, 17 lead presets, 9 pad presets, 15 pluck presets.
Future Pop Pack
7 bass presets, 25 chord presets, 18 key presets, 16 lead presets, 5 pad presets, 29 pluck presets.
LoFi Pack
9 bass presets, 77 key presets, 10 lead presets, 23 pad presets, 9 pluck presets.
Outrun Pack
21 arps presets, 21 bass presets, 23 key presets, 38 lead presets, 23 pad presets, 3 pluck presets.
retrowave pack
38 preset arps, 12 bass presets, 35 key presets, 15 lead presets, 16 pad presets, 12 pluck presets.
Synthpop Pack
33 arp presets, 33 bass presets, 34 key presets, 15 lead presets, 12 pad presets, 7 pluck presets.
Synthwave Pack
26 arp presets, 26 bass presets, 28 key presets, 32 lead presets, 11 pad presets, 4 pluck presets.

How to install

Windows :
Presets: Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Presets/
Tables: Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Tables/
Noises: Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Noises/

Mac :
Presets: Library-Audio Presets – Xfer Records – Serum Presets – Presets
Tables: Library – Audio Presets – Xfer Records – Serum Presets – Tables
Noises: Library – Audio Presets – Xfer Records – Serum Presets – Noises

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