Synth Blade – DRIVE – Heavy Bass (SERUM)

By | June 18, 2024


Publisher: Synth Blade
Website: Synth Blade
Release: 2023
Format: FXP (Serum)
Requirements: Serum v1.284 or higher

Sound aesthetics
The name “DRIVE” tells you everything you need to know about the types of sounds you’ll find in this pack: impactful, distorted, textured synth bass. But not just any bass… These are very flexible bass patches that can also be used as rough leads, punchy basses or aggressive pads. The demo tracks demonstrate this sonic flexibility, as all the sounds you hear come from this package. In terms of genre, these sounds are best suited for electronic music, Dark Synthwave, Drum and Bass, and intense synth soundtracks.
Custom Wave Tables
DRIVE also includes 32 unique wavetables that I created from recordings of several different oscillator variations on my DS Prophet Rev-2. This set includes Saw, Triangle and Pulse wavetables, as well as hybrids that combine multiple waveforms. You can move from one waveform to another by modulating the wave table position parameter in Serum.
100% royalty free!

✔ Works on all DAWs compatible with Serum.

Content :
– 25 premium bass presets for Serum
– Analogue wavetables SYNTH BLADE Vol. 1
– 8 serum noise samples

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