Synapse Audio – Orion Platinum 7.6.03 (VST, DXi) [Win]

By | March 5, 2017

Synapse Audio has released version 7 of Orion Platinum. This massive update addresses many user wishes and adds a lot of new features to Orion.

New Features:

  • Completely new graphics + enhanced workflow.
  • Toxic III included.
  • Plucked String 4 included.
  • Analog Distortion effect added.
  • Saturation effect added.
  • Channels of VST instruments with multiple outputs can be hidden.
  • Patterns can be named in the Playlist.
  • New preset menu browsing.
  • New insert menu in workspace area (right-click).
  • Sampler Editor extended.
  • Save file backup feature.
  • MIDI File Drag&Drop directly into generators.
  • New window management option for generators/fx: Closing a window just hides the window.
  • You can set default Timebase.
  • Signature option when creating new project.
  • System Input Latency can be set from audio input settings (requires PDC enabled).
  • Now 2 skins available, Azura (Default) and Classic.


  • Insert slots automatically activated when inserting a new effect.
  • Window menu options extended to quickly minimize all but active window.
  • Master Volume displayed in status bar.
  • Added resizing for open/save dialogs.
  • Pianoroll keys have horizontal velocity feature.
  • Time view display has skinable colors.
  • Audiotrack mixer strip has “input source”.
  • Audiotrack insert menu with inputs.
  • Audiotrack gain raised by 6dB.
  • Audiotrack mixer strip click shows adjacent Midiout generator.
  • Audiotracks drawn anti-aliased.
  • Shortcut added: NumPad-* as alternative arm recording.
  • Shortcut added: Ctrl-Shift-C, Ctrl-Shift-X for cut/copy all patterns at once.
  • Playlist and Pianoroll tools can be cycled with ‘T’.
  • Playlist has now Shift as Snap to Grid during selection copy/move.
  • Playlist has now Alt as Snap Selection to Bar during selection copy/move.
  • Playlist patterns can be changed with drop down by clicking pattern name area.
  • Quick Lassoo with Ctrl when using Pen tool.
  • Maximum song length increased from 512 bars to infinite.
  • Preset names for effects now stored.
  • New modern pianoroll note look.
  • Pianoroll notes can be set to display note names.
  • LFO tool in event editor now works in step mode (grid on) too.
  • Mousewheel+CTRL in playlist and piano roll scrolls horizontally.
  • Quick-Select notes or bars by pressing CTRL (no need to switch to lassoo).
  • Play cursor follow has two modes, page follow and scroll follow (shortcuts F, Ctrl-F).
  • Internal FX and Internal Generators have more precise mouse tweaking while holding Shift.
  • Mono VST Effect PlugIns can be inserted into stereo tracks now.
  • MIDI-Out presets now store device too.
  • Time Window has two new dual time display modes and only one instance of time window allowed.
  • Playlist shortcut ‘J’ centers view to play cursor.


  • Master Mixer shortcut is now Ctrl-B (Busses).
  • Pattern play start position toggler (beginning/continue) shortcut is now Ctrl-Shift-B.
  • Alt key now used for brush tool in piano roll instead of Ctrl.
  • Maximum tempo is now 500 BPM.

Bug fixes:

  • Many stability issues fixed.
  • Playlist paintbrush tool could paint over audiotracks. Fixed.
  • Playlist grid was occasionally off beat. Fixed.
  • Playlist wasn’t updated properly when patterns were edited. Fixed.
  • Sidechain loopback configurations were possible. Fixed.
  • Sidechains in master section did not work properly. Fixed.
  • Some generators flickered on non-maximized pianoroll window. Fixed.
  • Pitchbend didn’t work when Playback stopped+record was enabled. Fixed.
  • IRP waveform background bitmap was blitted upside down.
  • Cut pattern cleared whole pattern even if only few notes were selected. Fixed.
  • Markers jittered somewhat in playlist. Fixed.
  • Highest/lowest numbers in event editors now readable.
  • Occasional crashes after saving OSPs from the Sampler editor dialog. Fixed.
  • Playlist pattern double click behaved wrong when Pianoroll already visible. Fixed.
  • Adding active patterns (F11) added patterns to audiotracks. Fixed.
  • Keyboard focus not handled properly certain situations (several non-functional shortcuts). Fixed.
  • When copying a mixer channels settings to another mixer strip, the Mute/Solo settings were not properly updated.
  • Tempo spinner max constraint was wrong. Fixed.
  • double-click on desktop files crashed Orion. Fixed.
  • Clicks on AudioTrack clip start/end. Fixed.
  • Overlapping patterns could not be dragged. Fixed.


  • Analog Multi-sample collection for Sampler added.
  • Electric Bass Collection for Sampler added.
  • New velocity-layered acoustic drumkits added.
  • TR606 Kit added.
  • New presets added.

Version: 7.6.03
Developer: the Synapse the Audio
Platform: windows
System requirements: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU P4 / 1.4GHz, SSE2 support
512 MB RAM
VIDEO 1024×768
Soundcard with MME, DX or ASIO drivers
Language: English only
Medicine: Present


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