StiickzZ – Sticky Sounds Mello Edition – Pro Version (SERUM, WAV, ABLETON, FL STUDIO)

By | October 21, 2018


Publisher : StiickzZ
Website :
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :
Serum Soundbank:
Unique and different. This is the Marshmello style.
His futures base, trap and hip-hop influenced the sound – this is the perfect combination of genres that distinguish it.
Marshmello managed to create a strong, recognizable sound. Every time you hear one of his tracks, you will immediately recognize the Marshmello.
There is a good reason why its sound has become so popular in the last few years. It is absolutely catchy and cold, but still contains a ton of energy.
That’s why we created this soundbank. To make it easier for you to create such bangers yourself!
Requirements: Serum v.1.214 +
Samples & Loops:
If you listen carefully to the Marhsmello tracks, you will notice that its drums are different!
Many times he uses hip-hop drums when it comes to Snares, Hi-Hats and other cymbals. This gives its EDM tracks a completely new vibe.
When it comes to bass barrels, you will quickly notice that he uses short but shrill kicks to allow the massive bass in the drops to do his thing.
In this package, we created drums inspired by Marshmello to give you exactly the sounds of drums that just work!
FL Studio & Ableton Projects:

  • The perfect tool to get started with the new genre.
  • Learn the mix, mastering, leering, sound design and arrangement. Remember these methods and use them in your tracks!
  • Save your favorite samples, presets, effects loops and effects presets to use in your future projects.
  • Take notes to memorize all sorts of details and tricks!
    Having access to seple and presets, it gives you a huge advantage. However, access to Project Files, inspired by his songs, is going to bring reverse engineering to a whole new level.
    We created nine project files inspired by some of his biggest tracks to give you the opportunity to dive into the project files and find out how some of your favorite Marshmello tracks are created!
    Requirements: FL Studio 20+ / Ableton Live 10+
  • 40 Serum Presets
  • 7 Wavetables & 15 Noises
  • 30+ Drum Samples & Loops
  • 9 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton


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