Splice Sounds – Andrew Huang’s Plastic Nature (WAV)

By | June 5, 2023


Publisher: Splice Sounds
Website: splice.com
Format: WAV
Quality: 16, 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: “I’m just trying to make noise with everyone,” says YouTuber and musician Andrew Huang’s biography page. The description couldn’t be more apt as his 1.3 million subscriber YouTube channel is full of videos making instruments out of Lego blocks, rubber chickens, doll heads and every synth, VST and traditional instrument you can think of. think. . He has amassed over 170 million views on his platform with a fan base made up of musicians, amateurs and instrumentalists eager to peer into his creative process, where he dives deep into everything from learning synthesis, testing equipment, songwriting techniques to creative challenges such as creating a song in less than an hour or creating a song with a muted DAW sound. An accomplished singer-songwriter and sample pack maker, we are very excited to welcome Andrew Huang to Splice with a new sample pack.

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