Spitfire Audio – Albion I (KONTAKT)

By | March 4, 2024


Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: www.spitfireaudio.com/albion
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Description: Spitfire Audio Albion 1-KONTAKT
Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: spitfireaudio.com
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Albion is the newest orchestral brainchild from Spitfire Audio, headquartered in Great Britain. It follows the path of Symphobia 1, Hollywoodwinds, and Symphobia 2 by being a problem/solution orchestral module that does not compete directly with full fledged orchestral libraries from EastWest, SONiVOX, or the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Made from a totally new set of samples recorded in May and June 2011 at Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall, ALBION is the most exciting addition to Spitfire’s commercial range to date. A one-stop-shop of thundering orchestral delights….

“…if you need a palette of powerful orchestral ensembles which will inspire your writing, galvanise your scores and generally add class, sheen, size, power and depth to your orchestral armoury, the library delivers in spades.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.
The finest orchestral sessions musicians playing the finest, rarest instruments, recorded at Air Studios – Lyndhurst Hall, London, through the finest vintage, valve, and ribbon mics to 2″ tape. The only tape based orchestral library in the world. This is all you need to write epic sounding, widescreen cinematic orchestral music straight out of the box. Recorded in sections, this library features rich aggressive and lyrical strings, punchy, growling brass and some seriously malevolent woodwinds.
All patches come with 4 mixable/ routable and selectable mic positions C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) and O(outrigger). Work with one mic “in” on your laptop on the plane, then render down with all four routed to 5.1 on your “big rig” back at your studio.
In addition to that true legato is available across all choirs of the orchestra. A new and innovative addition is our “Ostinatum” engine that helps you build exciting and unexpected arrangements to your flowing top-lines and a huge bank of mod wheel fade orchestral FX to provide you with some alearic colors.

“The ‘cinematic’ sound of big, booming drums and scary, low?pitched rumbles and crashes, preferably recorded in a highly reverberant hall acoustic… this type of explosive, earth?shaking racket is amply covered in Albion.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.
Darwin Percussion is a thunderous collection of massive cinematic drums, ear piercing metal slams, sub sonic thuds, a cymbal ensemble and exciting mid and high range action sections. Available with 4 round robins 4 dynamic layers and 3 mic positions.

“…introducing a psychedelic, other?worldly quality. The pads section ranges from dreamy, gently swelling chordal textures to enormous, multi?octave ‘choir of the gods’?style patches.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.
Derived and punked entirely from our orchestral recordings, to make these “other-worldly” soundscapes easier to mix into the orchestral sound-palette. With X/Fade modulation and 2 mic positions for surround information. While being enormous in scale and interest all pads and drones are harmonically monophonic for true musical integration into your cues.

A selection of esoteric tools designed to sit on top of your mix to add sparkle and “motivation” these feature up to 4 dynamic layers of MW Xfade and feature an advance FX sequencer.
Winning two Future Music awards:
“Platinum” and “Value”. The magazine awarded Albion these scores: 8/10 for Stability, 10/10 for Value, 9/10 for Ease Of Use, 9/10 for Versatility, 9/10 for Results.
It is quite simply a must for any aspiring film composer a must for any existing film composer wishing to pump life back into a tired palette of sounds. Recorded in London for that truly “British” sound, Albion is the only library commercially available in the world today.

A one-stop orchestral cinematic composing tool in a box. 19.51GB NCW lossless compressed data from 42.38GB WAV download-only exclusively from this site. Albion is 3rd party content for the KONTAKT platform. Free Kontakt Player available to download with this module.

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