Spectrasonics Stylus RMX v1.9.8c UPDATE Incl.DATA Installer (VST) [OSX]

By | May 25, 2017


Sylus RMX is a completely new groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows. Stylus RMX is the first product to offer the combined power of Groove Control with Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine (S.A.G.E.) technology giving users dramatic new control over groove production and performance.

Spectrasonics’ in-house development team created the new instrument from the ground up, with dozens of new features including the ground-breaking Chaos Designer, a completely redesigned multi-page user interface, a new core library of sounds, all with a focus on realtime groove creation and performance.

Stylus RMX Software 1.9.7d

Includes the following new enhancements:

� Support for Pro Tools AAX 64-bit platform

Includes fixes for the following:

� Interim support for sandboxed audio unit hosts (Garageband X/Logic X)

� Groove audition stop when starting a new groove doesn’t obey trigger mode in groove mode
� Raising sample start shortens note duration in groove mode



Size: 95.64 MB


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