Sounds To Sample – Dark and Minimal Vol.1 – 2 (Wav, Midi)

By | July 14, 2016



Sounds To Sample – Dark and Minimal Vol.1
Delve deep into the all consuming world of the underground with Sounds to Samples latest techno pack, Dark and Minimal Vol. 1. Produced by late night aficionado Petar Filipov (aka PHM), Dark and Minimal Vol. 1 is brimming with the latest and greatest tripped out wonk you’ll hear blaring through the Berghein through the early morning hours.
520+ megabites of the finest in late night hardware make this the prime pack for producers searching for that classic sound.

What’s Included: Loops:
•59 Drum Loops, Percussions & Tops
•43 Synt h Loops + midi
•52 Bass Loops + midi
•24 Sound Effects
Single Hits:
• 136 Drum Hits
• 26 Claps & Snares
• 10 Cymbals
• 29 Hihats
• 24 Kicks
• 47 Perc & Misc Hits
2 83 Synth Shots
• 29 Basshits
• 54 Chords & Pads

Sounds To Sample – Dark and Minimal Vol.2
Chunky kicks, throbbing bass, and crispy tops tinged with a darkness deeper than the singularity of a black hole create the woozy late night atmospherics of the second edition of Sounds To Samples Dark and Minimal series.
Bulgarian late night master Petar Filipov (aka PHM) once again takes the Dark and Minimal series into the deepest depths of the after-hours techno sound. Kick heavy grooves, and the industries tightest tops can be combined with the sub-shattering bass and pulsing leads you add to add some heat to your next 4AM minimal rumbler.

Whats included:
• 514 MB unzipped
• 57 Rolling, Detroit inspired percussion & top loops
• 59 Twisted Synth Loops (including MIDI)
• 46 Pulsating Bass Loops (Including MIDI)
• 35 Killer Sound Effects
• 155 Precision engineered Drum Hits
• 31 Claps & Snares
• 41 Hihats
• 27 Kicks
• 56 Perc & Misc Hits
• 137 Explosive synth shots
• 47 Cone melting bass hits
• 90 Ominous Chords & Pads


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