Soundiron – Petroglyph (KONTAKT)

By | November 19, 2023


Publisher: Soundiron
Website: Soundiron
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Petroglyph is a stone percussion library, a recorded collection of authentic primitive stone artifacts from various tribes and cultures of pre-Columbian North America, with some artifacts dating back thousands of years. They include the usual tools (mortars, pestles, whetstones, bowls, awls, hammers) and weapons (axes, spearheads and arrowheads) in all sorts of shapes, sizes and types of stones. The objects are carved from obsidian, serpentine, slate, flint, graphite, sandstone, volcanic basalt and animal bones.
The sounds range from heavy scratches and knocks to subtle, light knocks, clicks, clicks and ringing. We recorded 100 sound sets, each with 8 to 10 RR variations for each velocity layer. They can be used as unique alternatives to traditional hand and drum percussion, electronic percussion, sound effects, and for scoring game/software user interfaces.
Description continued:
These varied artifacts of ancient everyday life have been discovered throughout the continent. However, they each share the same general types, designs, and uses that can be found among the tools and weapons of almost all prehistoric human societies around the world. They give us an understanding of our common origins, about families and tribes, about the creators of household tools and tools, farmers, prisoners of war and hunters. These are not just curiosity – they are all symbols of our common heritage. And we believe it is important to give these finds new life and new potential as creative tools for the modern era.
Our instrument’s user interface is equipped with flexible control functions such as attack, release, transient offset, dynamic swelling, filter type selection, resonant filter sweep and Arpeggiator, which provides a full range of customizable dynamic arpeggiation modes and step sequence pattern creation options. There’s also a full suite of DSP effects, including a convolution reverb with a variety of unique spaces such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and a host of otherworldly FX pulses for an endless variety of strange and unexpected sound manipulations.

Content :
This 305 MB library includes 2292 samples and 7 nki presets with a custom user interface for the full version of Kontakt 5.5 and later (OSX 10.8 or later / Windows 7 or later required).
A Deeply sampled collection of primitive stone weapons and tools, with 100 recorded articulations.
Captured up close and in stereo in a dry studio environment
Recorded with high-fidelity Neumann and Sound Devices hardware
7 NKI instrument presets.
12 Click articulations
17 Flam and bounce articulations
13 Hand and finger articulations
33 Scrape, drag and grind articulations
25 Striking articulations
Selected tonal “Tuned Percussion” articulations for melodic playing
Beautifully-rendered user interface.
Multi-mode Arpeggiation with step-sequencer.
Multi-FX Rack panel perfect for sound design and creative manipulation
Convolution Reverb with 70 different cathedrals, churches, chambers, rooms, halls and special effect impulses.
A full multi-effects rack, with EQ, filter, phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp & speaker simulation and more.
Unlocked samples that can be used in any software environment that supports regular uncompressed wav files.

Product Specs :
305 MB Installed
2292 Samples
7 Kontakt 5.5 .nki preset banks
24 bit/48kHz uncompressed stereo PCM wav audio
Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples to allow user customization

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