Soundiron – Hopkin Instrumentarium : Miago Trod (KONTAKT)

By | December 2, 2023


Publisher: Soundiron
Website: Hopkin Instrumentarium: Miago Trod
Format: KONTAKT (6.1.1)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Miago Trod is a giant resonating lamellaphone created by master instrument maker Bart Hopkin. It stands over five feet tall and has 22 threaded rods of varying lengths arranged in two rows. The sticks are tuned chromatically and played percussion. Part of the peculiarity of this experimental device is the relative tuning of the upper and lower segments. They are long enough that the fundamental sounds are infrasonic and the tone has different overtones. The range of rod lengths was chosen so that in the upper, shorter segments one overtone was strong enough to stand out as the defining pitch, while the other overtones contributed to a coherent combination. Meanwhile, the longer lower segment has a similar set of overtone relationships, with a predominant pitch an octave below the upper segment. When the upper or lower segment is struck, the two parts interact, further enriching the tone. The end result is a mysterious bass and metallic tone perfect for your next music project that requires something truly unique.

We’ve included a range of playable tuned and untuned articulations to give you complete freedom. And in the classic Soundiron tradition, we’ve also included sonic textures, pads and timbres that take the concept beyond its material source into the realm of pure imagination. They can be played, layered, modulated and mixed together with natural acoustic articulations to achieve an endless variety of new sound combinations. Miago Trod offers you a wide and flexible palette of musical colors and is equipped with easy-to-use layer mixing, performance tools and special effects that will spark your creativity.

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